How to Shrink Large Face Pores


Clear and smooth skin  is indeed a blessing and a great factor of appeal but many people nowadays are confronted with the issue of large face pores which tend to undermine the whole charm. There are many Factors like washing face with hot water, excessive use of chemical products, improper skin care etc which cause  face pores  to increase in size and be more prominent but you can treat their size according to the reason that results in the enlargement.

For men their natural rough skin and shaving routines tend to be a cause of very large face pores which look very undesirable. Since they are a natural outlet for the expulsion of toxins, sweat and heat, closing them completely is not possible; however, certain measures can be adopted to make the size of the conspicuity less- almost to a non-existent level visually and apparently offer clear and smooth skin.

Clear Skin

Retinol products Shrink Face Pores 

Make use of cosmetic products that have retinol in them  as it increases the cell turnover and clears away clogged pores and actively reduces their size; offering results which are satisfying.

Laser treatments

Non ablative laser treatments like Genesis and Fraxel and Medlite are some technological treatments  for having smooth skin, which also help increase collagen production- a nutrient essential for tightening skin pores and causing them to permanently stay shrunk and non visible. They are hefty yet a permanent solution to have an apparently smooth and tight skin texture.

Skin tightening face masks

The use of skin tightening face masks is one of the beauty treatments you should do regularly for smooth skin and small face pores because its composing nutrients tend to not only make the skin firmer but also tighten up the face pores. It is something that should be done especially after having a hot steam facial.


This is a medicine which physically reduces the size of face pores rather than simply maing them appear small and flaunts a smooth skin and texture. However, its use can lead to skin dryness and depending on skin conditions and should be used on prescriptions.


This is a facial treatment that offers best facial clearance by opening up face pores and removing the dirt and debris to give way to a clean and unclogged skin texture. Upon cooling the face pores shrink in size and leave no chances of factors that can cause large face pores.

Natural remedies

Egg white is one of the natural remedies for shrinking the size for face pores. Beat an egg white and apply the white paste on the face and simply allow it to dry up. It promotes skin elasticity and also minimizes the size of the pores. You can also make use of  a paste of baking soda  or rub ice on the face; which tends to shrink the size of the pores.

Use sun screens

Using a good sun crème is vital to curb the rising menace of large face pores because the UV rays from the sun damages the collagen in the skin tissues, without which face pores tend to stretch and be more obvious in size.


One way to shrink the apparent size of large face pores and have a smooth skin  is paramount through regular and proper cleansing of the face so that the waste materials like sebum, dead cells and dirt find their way out otherwise accumulating in the pores will only widen them up and make them more glaring on the face. Regular and proper cleansing keeps them small and apparently hidden. Using cleansers twice a day is highly recommended for curbing the prominence of large face pores.


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