Summer Sun Care


With the arrival of summer, sun care is highly essential, beacuse your skin loses its appeal and charm because it becomes all the more vulnerable to being damaged with a cluster if skin issues coming along as the ‘season’s package’.  What you don’t know can certainly harm you and so it’s always good to be informed  about what is good for you and what is not. Skin care and Sun care is very important during summer because the scorching heat and harmful sun rays tends to be  a cause of some of the most disturbing beauty problems that undermine the natural freshness and charm of your looks.

Harmful effects of the sun

  • The foremost, reason why sun care is important is that  excessive exposure to the sun targets your complexion and makes it darker- a thing you certainly don’t want.
  •  It tends to increase facial pigmentation.
  • Causes freckles
  •  Is one of the greatest causes of wrinkling.
  •  Causes dark spots.
  • Skin tanning and sun burns.
  • The Harmful UV rays of the sun can be the primary cause of skin cancer.
  • If proper sun care is not observed then the sun rays can cause sun burns which  are painful and cause great inconvenience.
  • Facial blemishes tend to become all the more prominent.Sun Care

However; Prevention is always better than cure and Sun care is in fact one of the best skin care measures for summer because the more you avoid   sun exposure, the less the chances of these issues being a cause of your dull and sordid look. In fact, it is to be known that it is not only direct sun exposure that we are talking about, the reflected rays of sun from shiny and water surfaces also bear impact on your skin. Some of the essential sun care methods you can adopt this season to stay safe and retain that innate freshness of looks and complexion have been piled up.

Essential Sun Care Measures

  • Water is one of the best and foremost skin and sun care measure to adopt because it keeps your body hydrated and does not let the heat beat the energy out of you. It in fact keeps the body functioning well; especially the skin, which can help lessen the impact of the sun through internal immunity.
  • Avoid going for trips to altitude places because the higher you go the greater is the harmful impact of sun rays. You may feel how by going on high areas you tend to feel a pricking or stinging effect
  •   Always apply a sun block 15-20 minutes before going to in the sun- it’s the general rule to having the best and maximum protection sun blocks. Use sun blocks with SPF  when to on the beach or trips because they are good for protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • The sun is a  vital source of Vitamin D  which is essential for bones, however, in summer take the diet channel which is not only healthy but keeps you safe from  going out directly in t6he sun for this vitamin.
  • Avoid  excessive or daily sun bathing on the beach.
  • Cleansing before going to bed during summer is a healthy sun care measure which tends to remove all the traces of  wear and tear, pollution and  discoloring effects of the sun during the hot hours.
  •  Use face masks  like that of Aloe Vera because they have hydrating effects that keep your skin supple and elastic and also retain the natural glow of complexion.
  •  Last but not the least; wear hats not only as a style statement but also as a preventive sun care method to stay safe this summer.

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