Formal Victorian Fashion for Men


Victorian fashion for men, a very formal type of attire,   is a reflection of the Victorian culture of the past, giving men that classy   gentleman image. This fashion form encompasses a wide assortment of dress   trends, marking the suave male image.

Along with the already existent   varieties of men’s Victorian fashion which are deeply reflective of the   Victorian culture, a fusion of these with the modern tends has resulted in   producing newer and smarter collections catering the contemporary man, up   keeping style and comfort at the same time. The distinguishing factor between   this formal fashion style and others is that in this particular style, excessive use   of many different fashion items and accessories is made to give a neat and   chic finish.Victorian Fashion 2014Another very distinguishing factor is the creative style of   stitching of the men’s wear which is quite noticeable in the frock coats and   skinny pants which are ruffled at the end, morning coats, cravats, waist   coats,  top hats  and tail coats, to name a few.In the formal wear category also, there is a huge variety   of suits with waist coats, giving men a well groomed look, all ranging from   the loose tea-lengths to the short waist hugging designs.

There is also a   huge collection of simple plain coats as well as more fitted ones with pleats   giving men the liberty to experiment and create more new and stylish forms.   For the young boys out there, there is also something to help them maintain   style and grace at the same time, with pants and shirts with waist coats   being a pretty smart choice . A short retro hairstyle works amazingly to give   them just the right sort of look for proms and weddings. One of the hottest   carriers of the Victorian fashion trends is the young hollywood celebrity   Leonardo Di Caprio.

Victorian Fashion

A well groomed appearance is incomplete without a good   hairstyle in any form of fashion, and the Victorian fashion has exactly what   is required to give men that elite look of the past persona, and that is the   gelled wet look. Short and medium gelled center parted, low back pony tail, side   parted, and short retro styles are just some of the ways to compliment a true   Victorian look. In the shoes section also, there are lots of styles to choose   from such as the pointed designs, currently being one of the hottest boot   styles to complete the overall look.







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