5 Popular Eyesight Myths Simply Not True


Did you ever believe in eyesight myths? We present to you 5 most popular believed myths about eyesight which turned out to be complete rubbish!

Top Eyesight Myths Popularly Believed

  1. Prescription Glasses Weaken Your Sight

This is one of the most popular eyesight myths among people who wear glasses. Yet, it is not true, not in the slightest. Yes, wearing your glasses can affect your eyes temporarily, especially if your Zeiss prescription lenses are suitable for you. They won’t affect your vision negatively. They can make your eyes relax and create an illusion of impaired vision, but nothing more. The reason behind this myths is quite simple. Glasses are designed to make your life easier, and they can help you to see without straining your eyes.

Eyesight Myths

Eyesight Myths

  1. Prescription Glasses Improve Your Sight

The idea how prescription glasses improve your vision is also one of the completely fictional eyesight myths gone viral. Their main purpose is to correct your vision through the lenses, not to change your eyesight. It also means they won’t make you see better even if you wear them for many years. Your eyes are not going to see better magically. It’s not what glasses are for.

  1. Sitting Close To TV Or Computer Will Affect Your Vision

You may have heard it several times from your elders too , It is the favorite myth among parents. How many times have you heard your mother telling you to get away from the screen because you are going to get blind? Yeah, too many to count. You can relax – neither television nor computer cause the damage to your vision. They can put an additional strain on your eyes and cause dryness. Mainly because you tend to blink less when you are using either of these devices. By the way, none of them actually harms your vision. Moreover, you can avoid even these drawbacks by training your eyes every 20 minutes.

  1. Crossing Your Eyes Will Make Them Stay That Way

Ah, crossing your eyes will make them stay that way. This one is once again one of the most popularly believed eyesight myths that’s sounds a bit scary. Once again, it’s not true. Crossing your eyes is completely harmless and will not affect your sight in the slightest unless you are predisposed to strabismus. Furthermore, if you are, indeed, predisposed to strabismus, you are probably going to get cross-eyed either way unless you treat the condition. Speaking of the misaligned eyes, no, they will not correct themselves with time. This one is also a myth. You need to get medical attention.

  1. Reading In The Dark Can Affect Your Vision

Reading in dim or no light also will not affect your sight…. Well that’s not going to happen if you love to be realistic. Not a chance at all. It can cause tiredness, blurred vision, headaches, and backaches, sure but it will not impair your eyes in the long run. The fatigue caused by the strain put on your eyes is not a condition, so you might want to stop worrying about it altogether. Wear your reading glasses if it makes you feel better, though.

We hope we succeeded in dispelling some of the myths!

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