Hair Benefits of Banana


Your hair is the crowning glory of your personality and their presentation must always be appealing. However, the daily wear and tear along with styling, pollution and sun exposure undermine their grace. However, rushing to market and spending on products to revive the lost charm isn’t always the only portion. In fact you can avail stunning Hair benefits of banana through your daily intake of this multi- advantage fruit and ensure good hair hare the natural way.

The innate richness of minerals and vitamins present in a banana offers stunning skin and hair results, which offer you economically shiny and healthy hair. Following are some of the Hair benefits of banana:

Hair Benefits of Bananas


Revives Natural Hair Color

Hair whitening and gray hair at a premature age is often a problem these days in youngsters. One of the best Hair benefits of banana is that you can restore your natural hair color and also darken it by applying a mixed paste of ripe banana with other natural products like coconut milk.

Softens Hair

Dull, frizzy, dry and hair with split ends tend to flaunt a very rough and dirty look which is often a hindrance in management and styling.  Having softness is one of the best Hair benefits of banana because it has rich potassium quantity, natural oils , and carbohydrates along with essential hair care vitamins which increase the hair elasticity and soften the hair structure to give your hair greater flexibility.  You can mix a banana with coconut milk and avocado and apply on the hair.

 Treats Split Ends

Split ends simply tarnish the appeal of the hair no matter how long or thick they are with their coarse look, there is no charm. Restructuring the hair shaft, the effects of banana pastes tend to smooth out the hair strands and get rid of split ends.

 Conditions Hair

Hair conditioning is very essential for the hair to keep them healthy and clean. It is one of the great requirements of people with oily hair. Mixed with other natural products like coconut milk, cocoa or avocado, you can give your hair the natural touch of conditioning  to the scalp and hair that leaves each strand of hair swaying with its own flexible and clean charm.

Adds Spectacular Shine

Shiny hair is a sign of the true health of hair and this blessing is one of the natural hair benefits of banana. Simply mix a banana with ¼ of olive oil and an egg white. Mix it and apply on to the hair for 20 minutes and then wash off.  See the difference of shine it adds to your dull and dry hair.

 Good for Hair Loss

Hair benefits of banana also include this wonder product being a cure and remedy for hair loss. Mix a ripe banana with yogurt and apply the paste on to your scalp. Leave it on for a span of 20 minutes and then rinse off. It deeply nourishes the hair follicles and strengthens them and promotes less hair fall.

 Treats Dry Hair

Even if you have thick beautiful hair, if they display a dull and dry look- it’s all meaningless.  Treating dry and damaged hair is another hair benefit of banana which should inspire you to eat and apply it.  Mix it up with olive oil or coconut milk and apply it to your hair and scalp. It conditioning and Enriching composition tends to make the hair hydrated  and retain its moisture to give a shine look to the hair. These are simple home remedies you can try out for good hair care results.


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