New Wedding Trends 2014


The latest runway fashion trends clearly evince the new taste of bold fashion for the year 2014 in which there are heaps and heaps of stunning modern trends that are making their way to the forefront. For weddings trends 2014 – which are traditionally governed by their own conventional style of trends; this rule of change in inclination is no exception.

It is in fact amazing to see  how the simple practice of western wedding is took a new direction with a bolder and ultra modern impressions- in particular the attires; and once again has reverted to the simple outlook which retains the tinge of modernism. For the latest update of  up-to-the-minute Wedding trends 2014  in styles and fashion accessories, a few have been handpicked  and  should be your ultimate style guide if you’re planning a wedding this season.

Wedding Trends 2014


Bold fashion  ranks as the hottest trends in the mainstream and it tends to have influence on the simple and elegant bridal wedding dress styles trending over the past decade. This  conspicuous change is  to be noticed through boldness of designs which have either been brought about by the strapless bust designs,  shortness of length  and through sheer fabrics such as net and lace; which have introduced the semi nude fashion for the modern brides. The bridal catwalk has displayed numerous designer styled  bold fashion net gowns in long and short length which are further made catchy with smart designing such as the high-low, mermaid, trumpet.

Offering a contrast to this simple; yet bold look is the plain satin trend which has shun aside the earlier fancy touch that had been fused into bridal wear. The printed fashion is a thing of the past but still continues to linger on with a collection which has now been overshadowed by the new  metallic and stone patterned bridal gowns for greater  striking appeal that has been instantly noticed upon the runway entry. Another bold fashion wedding trend is of the sizzling bridal gown shades such as red etc. it rebels against the traditional norms and makes wedding even more sizzling and inviting.


Stunning new styles of fashion accessories such as wedding veils now await the modern bridal getup with classy updo and sculptured hairstyles which will pair up well with the organic makeup of the modern bride. Fabulous appliqué, net, lace and sparkle styles in medium, short and long lengths have escorted the bridal styles on the runway and they definitely are a good way to score a hot look on the wedding. Simplicity is the call of the hour and brides have mostly gone simple on the runway without much use of jewelry and relied mostly on the dark lipstick. Hair  fashion accessories such as artificial weaved extensions and buns,  floral hair clips and feather adornments are the top fashion accessories in vogue to grace up the bridal image through a fancy and preppy look of the hairstyle.


Bridal makeup has taken a dramatic turn from the bright hues of last year’s  bridal looks to a more natural and organic trend with nude shades such as plum, peach, skin and the different light shades of pink being the dominating hues to give a simple yet graceful look to the bride. However; for summer beach the bride definitely is bound to go daring with the  bold fashion look in fashion accessories with hot fuchsia, orange and red shades to make the look blend in well with the summer environment. Eye make trends for weddings too inclines for a more natural look with less dramatic effects- as compared to last year’s trends. Be it the bride or the bridesmaid- a light tone in eye shades and lipsticks are the key to win over hearts with simplicity. Wedding hairstyles are also evincing towards a natural look with sculptured, knotted buns, curly styles and ponytails in pompadour design being the classic ways to charm up the modern bridal look.


A selected shades of colors have been pinned down by fashion stylists for the new wedding trends 2014 with prime focus on classy combinations of yellow and gray, peach and green, the different shades of gray, blue and pink. They are the hottest color trends for your wedding events, cards, cakes and even wedding attires. bold fashion color trends also have the sizzling red shades and hot pink hues enrolled even in the bridal couture fashion trends 2014; offering a rebellious and modern touch.



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