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Wedding and engagements are events that are symbolic of not only the union of couples but a cherished occasion of love and commitment and Wedding rings are the tokens of this pure relation. When you’re in pursuit of some of the best things for the wedding events, it’s always good to lust around in the market for things that are hot in vogue.

Nowadays in the latest wedding trends of fashion jewelry,  the craze for the platinum weddings rings is all the rage on account of its metallic charm that signifies purity. Ranging from the simple plain slim styles to the heavier and fancier styles and from the light metallic shades to the darker ones, there is one bound to allure you to go hefty on your wallet.

New Wedding Ring

Platinum wedding rings are ideal for men as the metallic shade is one of the most complementing colors  for the manly look.  The latest trends of adornment in wedding rings has the use of white gems and stones to offer a sparkling charm of the platinum look; while for people wanting to make this token of expression all the more memorable, the diamond and platinum wedding rings are also out in classy modern designs of spiral, twists, engraved, cutout, embedded etc styles.

Wedding Ring Style

For men there is a collection of the simple wedding bands  designs In the fashion jewelry of rings, to the broad square top styles which grace up their hands in the most flattering way. Many platinum rings have also made use of gold patterned linings in between embedded gems and stones to grade up the value and artistic design to suit the modern taste.  For those who like to be a bit extra-expressive when it comes to fashion jewelry, the trend of  engraved words is also in vogue, which allows you to silently say what’s in your heart. Words of love or signature engravings can be had on order.

Wedding Ring 2014

Fashion jewelry in Wedding rings for women have an ocean of new and smart designs in the platinum wedding rings which have lovely delicate slim styles with gems, floral patterns, cutout etc styles and also a vast range of broad double strip designs. A new addition to the wedding trends are  Platinum wedding rings sets which are available in a limited edition of shades and you can pin down the color you think best complements the taste of your partner.

Wedding Ring

They have stamped impression to mark the extent  of value and quality they hold. Light rose red, copper, wine and light gold are some of the unique shades that have given an edgy look to them and the presentations are further enhanced with the use of light colored gems.



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