Silver Accessories for Men


Fashion trinkets are the best ways to fuse in a smart and trendy look in to your personality and for men the silver accessories are some of the unsurpassed choices when it comes to accessorizing themselves. The grace of the metallic shade tends to offer a sophisticated style impression without overdoing it and tends to be the most be a stylish foil for the manly look.

Being a distinctive trait of the top male fashion icons like Brad Pit, you may very well imagine how worthy these silver accessories can be when it comes to  some of the iconic looks around the blocks. Some of the trending silver accessories you’re likely to see have been summed up for an update to what it’s all about in men’s fashion.

Silver Accessories

METALLIC STUDS & CUFF LINKS – Formal needs require things of standard and quality and that is exactly what the latest fancy silver accessories can offer you. Metallic cuff links and studs are some of the smart additions to the formal getup which perfectly blend in with the business and ceremonial outlook. Silver metallic framed studs and cufflink with large embedded raw gems and crystals are some of the trending fashion accessories that pair up well with the latest dress shirts and formal suits for men. There is an all-embracing range of plain and polished ones to engraved and inscribed designs.

Silver Accessories 2014


Like women, the trend of wearing fashion bracelets is all the rage in men’s style as well and there are many unique and exquisite designs like the Engraved metallic bracelet plates. There is a massive assortment of imprinted trends like that of patterned floral styles , chained, emblazoned words and even written expressions. The Inspired animal bracelets are some of the must-to- see and buy silver accessories which are some very unique and thrilling fashion escorts for young boys.

RELIGIOUS JEWELRY – Trending popular in western countries religious jewelry is the stylish way to symbolize faith  and it tends to have some classic designs chains with cross pendants, rings with words of faith and so on. These silver accessories have a unique and distinctive look which makes them stand out from the common variety of fashion accessories.

SILVER WATCHES – Being the eternal choice for men’s casual and formal needs, the silver watches in branded collections can never fail to allure you. Shunning aside the earlier simple outlook of plain metallic straps, the platinum watches in different tones of metallic hues really make them some of the best options with the graceful touch of black diamond and black gems and dials.

SILVER BANDS– These are some of the very elegant fashion rings for men which are quite in vogue these days and in fact are some of the best wedding accessories for men with an extensive range of simple and fancy styles to cater to every type of taste and requirement. The latest trends in men’s silver accessories have fancy designs of slim and broad metallic straps like the net, plain and zig zag for unique outlooks paired up with dramatic gems in the center with patterned carvings around.

SILVER BROOCHES – Another smart collection of silver accessories is the vast list of animal and item inspired brooches like rose flower, leaf, shoes, animals etc to give them a tinge of grace which is highly attractive.


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