5 Common Skin Care Blunders to Avoid


Topping the list of women’s desire is a perfectly clear and flawless facial skin for a look naturally beautiful at all hours. For this, skin care measures are essential to ensure hygienic skin conditions that promote development and enhancement but certain women tend to resort to hasty measures and end up doing slip-ups that offer anti-beauty results and make matters all the worse. Here are some of the common skin care blunders to avoid.


One of the widely common act in front of the mirror is picking on pimples in a bid to whisk away their menacing outlook.This is one of the common skin care blunders we all do every now and then. Every time a pimple, blackhead or white head pops up on the face we at once tend to squeeze it out so that it finishes off once and for all which is totally a big mistake. Not only do you make it look uglier and worsen its prominence but you also tend to accentuate the matter all the more by scraping off skin and making it all the more vulnerable to septic threats. This common skin care blunder is also responsible for making way for rashes, scars and redness to show up as complimentary accomplices of this horrid look on the face.

Skin Care Blunders


Soaps contain harsh chemicals which tend to be damaging for the facial skin by depriving the top skin layer of its moisture and as a results make it dehydrated and rough.  Using soap on daily basis tends to   leads to itchy skin, discomfort and dryness.

skin care


Exfoliating the skin is one of the most recommended skin care measures because it tends to remove and scrape off dirt, grease and dead cells to reveal a clearer facial look free of pimples, blackheads and acne. Nevertheless, this skin care ordeal is taken too seriously by many women who resort to do it several times during the day. This can be harmful because excessive exfoliating can damage the skin texture by scraping off the top epidermal layer of skin and leaving behind sensitive fresh growing skin layers which can be quite painful at times.

Exfoliating Skin Care Blunders



This lets the impurities treat on your beauty all night long. Without any bit of exaggeration, this act can really be a great blow to your skin texture which can be weeks tough work to rid of the aftermath of that single night of leaving on makeup. The skin repairs itself at night and that beauty sleep can become a night mare if your dark circles, roughness etc the next day.

leeping Skin Care Blunders


Haste makes waste and when we are out in the market we usually want the most effective creams and easily get allured by the most fascinating expressions of beauty written on it and end up with things not meant for our skin type or are of low quality.  Selecting the right products for the right issue and right type of skin texture is essential to avail the best results. Buying low quality stuff can also render bad skin care results after initially showing fabulous results.

Common Skin Care Blunders

The above 5 top skin care blunders tend to tarnish the skin texture and halt skin enhancement or development and avoiding them is essential to have results from whatever beauty regimen you put into practice.




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