5 Hair Care Mistakes to Stop Right Now


Hair care mistakes can be a great blow to the health and vitality of your hair because when things are not done the right way,  the results are definitely damaging.

When talking about hairstyling, it’s not just the way you stage them but largely about the hair care endeavors which you make for healthy and manageable hair. I mean who doesn’t want fabulously styled hair?  Without a doubt almost everyone does but rash and ignorant ordeals elevate the risks of hair damage and make them vulnerable to fragility and sordidness with silly Hair care mistakes which should be brought to a halt.

Hair Care Mistakes


Hair care mistakes are some of the universal howlers which ironically render the opposite effects of what one pursues as they greatly undermine the way your hair look and affect every day styling. some of the most damaging   actions are:


Keeping your hair clean is crucial for the healthy growth of the hair but regular shampooing  can prove to be quite harmful . Not many people are  conversant with the fact that though shampooing cleanses the scalp and the hair on the one hand; yet its regular application is a  major cause of the most dreaded beauty woes like hair dryness, frizz, loss of hair color and growing of split ends.

You can improve and retain the health and texture of your hair by shampooing on alternate days of the week to give intervals to  curtail the harmful effects of every day shampoo use. This little vigilance can make a huge difference to the state of your hair.


The use of hairstyling tools has become one of the essential rituals in formal styling. For quick straight or curly looking hair women tend to swing the heating mode to high temperatures which is one of the most injurious hair care mistakes you could possibly make.  High temperature tends to damage the hair shafts and cuticles and does not only deprive it of its moisture but also lead to coarse and untamed frizzy hair which are vulnerable to color loss, breakage and hair fall.


Trimming the hair is regarded as an effective hairstyling measure for healthy growth of the hair but one of the common hair care mistakes that many of us make is that we let our haircuts grow out without trimming them. The end result is that it makes the tips of the hair susceptible to split ends, roughness and damage. So give hairstyling a break and trim it on regular basis to retain a perfectly healthy and clean look of the hair.


It’s always good to be aware of what you’re in for when using hair products. One of the biggest sins from the endless list of hair care mistakes is being ignorant about the products you use. Products and cosmetics   that don’t suit your hair type and their over-use can lead to devastating results that do great damage to your hair.


Hairstyling is not only about staging your hair creatively but also about the hair care measures you invest in their maintenance. Shampooing is a task where many make the biggest mistakes by rinsing the shampoo along the full length rather than focusing on cleansing the scalp.

It’s actually the scalp which gives rise to the strong hair, thus for flexible and manageable hairstyling you need to massage the scalp well with your finger tips and wash it off thoroughly with water.

You can add a great amount of meaning to the way your hair look and their styling by simply avoiding these common hairstyling mistakes.




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