5 Makeup Tricks to Help You Look Younger


The use of makeup products is not only a matter of dabbing on vibrant hues to spice up the look but to a great deal about makeup tricks to help you look younger  by concealing facial flaws and buttering up the image elegantly  without giving away your secret.

For aging women, beauty woes like a sagging skin and fine lines tend to   do great damage to ones outlook and though you cannot evade aging, you can certainly make use of some handy makeup tricks to help you look younger every time you walk out your door.

Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

  1. Haul Up Your Brows

Lifting up the apparent look of the eye brows is one of the expert’s wittiest makeup tricks to help you look younger when you go for a session at the parlor. But Why go hefty when you can easily get the same youthful results right at home?  Make your eyebrows full and thick by filling in the sparse density areas with a slightly lighter eye pencil color than your  natural hair color. Move on to defining the top line of the eye brows using the same pencil to give a perfect impression of a trimmed brow; full and thick. It will parade away a firm and  neat impression; usually the trait of  young skin and will certainly help you carry a better  and more acceptable look of the eye region which is at all hours open to the vision of others.

  1. Verve up Your Pout

 The area around the lips is one of the most vulnerable facial regions that gives away your aging years because the skin at the edges of the lips tends to slightly  hang hand down and the best makeup tricks to help you look younger are the ones that  aim for an apparent face lift  and the solution to that is a concealer.  Yes, as the name suggests, it can help you hide to a great extent the drooping impact.

Important Tip: Use a concealer that is lighter than your natural skin tone and apply on the areas that exhibit a dark shadowy impression and not the whole regions e.g under the lower lip. It will stealthily cover up the sagged outlook and emphasize on a firmer texture of the skin. Then move ahead to apply highlighters at the tips to give away a lively radiance which together with the lower region of the concealed area, will help keep the look of the pout from all angles younger looking.

  1. Dealing with Fine Lines

 Everyone loves  to crack up – as long as the joke is one someone else? But you can also become a laughing stock when you make careless use of makeup application. One of the most common makeup blunders women of a mature age usually make is that of dabbing on a heavy base to fill in the gaps that run in between the crow’s feet in a bid to bury them away. That is exactly what you need to avoid as after a while your fine lines tend to become more prominent because the thick base cracks up with the incessant facial movements and makes the lines more glaring than before.  In fact keeping the density of foundations and bases minimum is one of the best wrinkle makeup tricks to help you look younger.

 As an alternate and more effective method, make use of a primer or a concealer under your eyes and spread it till full length of the eye. The light thickness of the concealer not only hides away the lines but also ensures that your look doesn’t crack up.

  1. Cut Down a Double Chin

A double chin gives away a plump and fattish look that is somewhat an anti-young look but fret not as there are many makeup tricks to help you look younger by nipping this issue in the bud.  Either make use of a matt bronzer or a lighter shade of foundation than that of your complexion and apply it under the chin area. Shade it neatly over the jaw line and the valley area and ensure to blend them in strokes directed towards your neck.

  1. Reducing the Extra Sags

 The region between the nose and the mouth is also a close call when it comes to facial features that give away your aging look. Usually women tend to have lines that run down from under  the nose till the mouth  and that pretty much messes everything up.  To mitigate this facial nuisance  work at diminishing the  waved cuts. The answer too is a concealer which you should  select of a lighter color to your skin tone because a darker one will  offer a shadowed look and draw the attention more towards the objectionable region.  However; you have to apply the concealer not  in between the creases of the fine lines but the areas below their folds that exhibit faint  shadow.

 These handful of tips are some of the great ways to practically make makeup tricks to help you look younger without any professional assistance right at home.



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