Beauty Benefits of Raw Milk for the Face


Milk is an affluent natural ingredient mostly known for its miraculous role in strengthening the bones and facilitating growth; yet there is a deeper knowledge to know about this naturally rich fluid. Raw Milk is in fact a great beauty escort and can be used in your skin care regimen to render spectacular cleansing and beautifying results to give you a dolled up face lift replete with an innate radiance and flawlessness.


If you’re still lurching in vain for a way to add some glow to your face or whisk away discoloring effects on the skin, then raw milk is an unparalleled remedy to have just that. Mix it up with some sugar particles and use it on your face and be sure of extravagant freshness and fairness results the natural way.

Raw Milk Benefits


Providing the base of all beauty, Cleansing is one of the renowned outcomes of the use of raw milk which tends to leave your skin not only dirt-free but also moisturizes the skin and retains its suppleness. It’s one of the potent products that effectively clears clogged pores by rooting out the sebum, dirt and dead cell traces; which is a great protection against the emanation of acne, pimples and blackhead. It’s one of the best natural products for people with oily skin.


As a natural moisturizer, raw milk tends to add and lock in skin moisture and keeps it hydrated. For people who have dry skin textures, they can restore and breathe life into the skin and body by making use of raw milk face masks. Simply mix 2/3 tsp of gram flour with raw milk and add a few drops of rose water and raw honey. Mix it up well and apply the mixture on to the face for 10 minutes. Wash off with luke warm water and enjoy a fabulously moist and healthy facial skin.


If you’re confronted with a dry and rough skin texture, raw milk is the ultimate remedy to try out.  It works effectively in treating and soothing out damaged  facial tissues and promotes toning  and leveling of the skin layers.


Raw milk is one of the cheap ways to fight aging.  With its multi-skin enhancing properties of moisturizing, toning and firming; it comes as a natural blessing for  having anti-aging results  because its regular application as a face mask  mixed with a few drops of lemon and rose water add and facilitate in skin elasticity and firmness. It can be one of the best ways to slow down  signs of aging for a few more years.


With the coming if summers, skin darkening and skin tanning are some of the gravest beauty woes which overshadow your natural bloom and radiance but raw milk used along side with tomato juice is a fabulous savior from this sun damaging issue and helps to retain the beaming charm of your complexion.


Here is the natural savior for the hundreds of people menaced by the bumpy and painful issue of acne.  When used alone, it is a great cleanser that effectively clears away the oil remains in the clogged skin pores and minimizes the risks of acne; however when used as  a face mask with fuller’s earth/ multani mitti  and rose water, it monitors and subdues excess oiliness which whisk away acne to revive your confidence of looks the economic way.


Why go for hefty sunscreens when you can get maximum  sun protection in a limited budget frame with raw milk.  Mixing it up with curd and applying the mixture on the face for about half an hour provides an incredible sheath against all the harmful effects of the sun for up to 3-4 hours. So whenever you’re about to head pout in summers, try this face mask and be satisfied of guaranteed skin protection.

The above benefits of raw milk should be a reason enough for you to add to your beauty arsenal.


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