Beauty Fruits for Glowing Skin


A glowing skin is something which almost everyone wants to look good and confident about oneself. The use of creams and treatments though provide instant results, yet they have many side effects in the long term use and so why not play safe with your beauty and have glowing skin the fruity way through diet. Many natural fruits have essential ingredients and are free from toxins that help improve skin texture and target a clear and flawless complexion.

Bananas are the ultimate fruits to use When it comes to having miracle results for  a tight and youthful look. bananas are some of the very rich natural fruits for wrinkle free and healthy glowing skin. Having a rich nutrients and minerals like vitamin A, B, E  and minerals like potassium, magnesium and fibers, bananas effectively improve blood circulation in the body and help improve skin health and texture and promote a glowing skin effect from within.

 Fruit for Glowing Skin

Apples are some of the nature’s miracle fruits which are highly beneficial for protection of the skin cells against damage. They also work as anti-aging products which keep the skin hydrated, as a result of which the results are healthy and glowing skin effects. Apple face masks are some of the best facial packs to use in summer as it keeps the skin fresh and supple through its moisture retaining and hydrating properties.

Fruit for Skin

Oranges are some other very potent beauty fruits for a glowing skin. The rich source of vitamin C improves  skin texture and also are very good for wrinkles as they slow the process of aging. You can use oranges as a facial scrub by making use of dry orange peels and crushing them into a powder form that can be used as a natural scrub twice a week.

Papaya is a sub-tropical fruit that is one of the richest fruits to be found around the globe. It has an enzyme ’papin’ which is great for removing away facial impurities, infestations, removal of dirt and debris and damaged skin cells. The result is a clear and glowing skin which flaunts a fresh and invigorating appeal. You can use papaya fruit to exfoliate your skin  by mixing it with honey or yogurt and applying the paste on the face. Leave it on for a while and wash off with water.

Fruit for Skin Glow

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent which is a widely used citric fruit in many cosmetic products to treat facial issues like discoloring, acne, scars and blemishes. It astringently helps in fading away of any facial pigmentation of discoloring and offers skin whitening results which in itself is a condition that leads to flawless glowing skin. However; it is always best to mix lemon with honey  rather than applying the crude strong citric juice alone.


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