Blue Fashion Trends 2014


If you’re looking for current fashion trends 2014  which are here for a long term basis and can be a factor of enhancing your personality appeal; then tuning to some of the hottest color trends is the ultimate   direction to head towards. From the numerous shades; the trend of blue color has really been one of the most thrilling color trends in the contemporary world of fashion. The spring and winter fashion shows have really pulled off some effortlessly amazing  casual and formal wear clothing and items which have greatly appealed to the fashion lovers. Blue fashion has really electrified the world of style with an ocean of shades of blue that have really made a lively addition to the running trends in not only clothing but also accessories. From the very causal jeans wear to the formal wedding trends, blue fashion has really made a huge impact of appeal in some very catchy shades that instantly make you worth the attention; with the bright royal blue being  one of the highly in vogue color trends 2014 for men and women.

Blue Fashion

Despite the fact that everything is blue in this color trend; yet there are many style approaches of making use of the blue shade. The best way is to go full blue with a single shade; most preferably bright from head to toe or you might want to bring in a tinge of versatility by combining different clothing and fashion items of different shades of blue. The winter fashion trends 2014for men and women have some great  winter coats and pants lined up in the blue fashion look with coats, jackets, sweaters and cardigans all having stunning shades of blue that pair up well with the white and black fashion getups.


Fashion accessories such as fashion scarves, shades, handbags, shoes and ties also have numerous varieties in the blue  fashion with some being totally blue or having the electrifying shades of the blue color with other shades.  This fashion is a mega hit for both the summer and winter street style fashion trends 2014 and is apposite for all regardless of age. It’s popularity and inspiration are heightened when we witness the celebrity blue fashion trends

Blue Fashion Trend

Blue fashion in beauty trends 2014  has been the  top ranking looks with the eye makeup and lipstick shades being all the rage this season. The numerous creative  designs of the Blue lips are some of the most stunning makeup looks which the young generation has practiced with so much thrill and fun. The electrifying blue mascara is another beauty trend which  has soared high in popularity and it continues to be one of the hottest eye makeup trends of  fashion 2014Even the hairstyles have made good use of the blue shade for a cool tinge of appeal. Many hairstyles such as the emo hairstyles and gothic hairstyles have this shades as one of their best trends of color effects that complements the wicked and vicious cultural style look.









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