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Body odor is a natural phenomenon yet it becomes a problem during summers when the amount of sweating increases and emits a pungent smell. The strong Body odor can be a very great source of embarrassment in public and also a great inconvenience for one’s own self too.  Excessive sweat is usually due to overactive sweat glands and when that gets infested by bacteria, the outcome s strong body smell that at times is unbearable. If you are troubled by strong Body odor problem then here some ways to lessen the bad smell.

Antibacterial soaps

Strong body odor occurs when bacteria infests the sweat because it has certain compounds which the bacteria feed on. Using anti bacterial soap in your daily bath in the armpit area keep it free of bacteria as a result of which even if you sweat, there will be no smell.


These cosmetic products contain aluminum compounds which reduce the amount of sweat by  blocking the sweat pores. As a result body odor is less and the strong pungent smell can be curbed for certain durations.

Body Odor


This natural type of grass contains chlorophyll which is an effective ingredient that curbs the strong smell of sweat.  Simply take some of this wheatgrass daily in summer with water and stay dry and confident.

Baking soda

This ingredient is absolutely superb for skin care effects as it cater to indefinite  beauty and skin care problems. For controlling body odor just  apply baking soda to your armpits, it will soak the moisture that comes out and will not let the smell spread out.

White vinegar

When taking a bath, mix white vinegar with water and apply onto the armpits. Leave it one for a  few minutes and then wash off. This natural ingredient will greatly stop the strong sweating and body odor.

 Apple cider vinegar

Mix it up with water and apply in the armpits. It will not only balance the pH level but also offer relief from strong body odor.


Apart from products to stop the strong body smell, certain preventive measures can also assist in less sweating and less smell. Following are some handy tips:

  • Avoid wearing tight clothes in summer because they allow no space for ventilation and hence the smell is all the stronger.
  • Many people sweat on the feet and so always ensure to wear comfortable and open style shoes in summer so that your body odor does not become unbearable.
  •  Certain medicines can also trigger high sweat rate like contraceptives and steroids. Try to lessen their use with consultancy of your doctor.
  • Take bath at least twice a day during summer.


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