Burned Book Nail Art – The Tutorial


Doll up your hands with bookish impressions of burned book nail art designs patterned out on an antique and innovative concepts of manicured trends. Stepping up the fascination of the latest manicure trends, the unique concept of burned book nail art has really been one of the top scoring beauty trends which has become a fun filled way to doll up your hands with inspired themes.

So, if you’re looking for something unique and extra-ordinary for a tinge of style that will make you shine out from the rest, the burned book nail art trend is something to try out.

Offering a unique, antique and nerdy touch to your hands, it’s something exclusive and different from the colorful adorned nail art styles you may have been practicing up till now.  The burned book nail art is in fact one of the most thrilling and rousing inspired beauty trends that has  been  a treat  to relish what the current style statements are about. To get that classy burned book nail art effect follow the simple steps below.

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burned book nail art

How to Do Burned Book Nail Art Designs

Below is a step wise guide on how to get the look just right.

STEP 1: Semi nude Base

Whether you’re giving the burned book nail art effect to your original nails or artificial nails, the first step is to give them a nude base. Go for transparent or light bare shades so that the color does not highlight or overwhelm the dull and burnt look of the burned book nail art design. Allow the polish to dry up completely before moving on.

STEP 2: Soak Newspaper in Alcohol

Now to get the true impression of the inscribed burned book nail art, take pieces of newspaper and soak them up in alcohol for up to maybe 20 seconds. This will allow the inscribed text on the newspaper to be easily transferred onto the nail polish base you’ve applied. All you have to do is to take out the drenched pieces of newspaper and place them on to your nails and press it down with a little pressure and keep it place for a while till the alcohol evaporates and then remove the newspaper.

STEP 3: Seal It In

After the alcohol evaporates, the text on the newspaper is seen to have been imprinted onto the nails and now you have to seal in the text   by securing it with a top coat with a transparent or clear nail polish so that the inscribed text of the burned book nail art  remains clearly visible.

STEP 4: Add the Burnt Effect

Now to add the tinge of a burnt look, apply small circular lining of black marker/ polish on to the area where you want the burned book nail art effect. Mix up black and brown nail polishes and dab on to the desired portion with a makeup sponge. Making use of acetone clear away the center blotch of polish and text, leaving the edges. The acetone will evaporate the center area and apparently display a smudgy burned book nail art look.

It’s really simple to carry this bookish nail art look and you can have more than one burned effect for a more inspiring look. If you want to keep it simple, then the above steps have done there job; while for those who pursue fancier looks, they can creatively use shimmer glue and glitter.




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