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It’s always very thrilling to take an insight in to the celebrity style news and trends because you’re definitely going to find a lot happening in the cycle of fashion trends. It is for this reason that Celebrity style news always pounds in the top headlines of media coverage no matter what the season or venue, because it is always the prime focus of masses for know-how of the hottest and latest updates on what is all the hype in the mainstream of fashion.

The contemporary transition of fashion trends this season has a lot to say about the thought and approach of modern day fashion and demands of the stars which have indeed been very rousing and inspiring for the people.

Celebrity Style

Latest Celebrity Style and Trend Review

The term ‘Fashion collage’ seems to be the best way to frame out a word for the current celebrity style news because in the latest analysis of the trend report 2014, nothing can be pinned down as the ultimate style  in clothing, hairstyles or beauty looks.  There is  great deal of mixture and fusion of  modern and past fashion trends running parallel hot in demand. Basically everything you try out from the sleek textured styles to the normal ones, from the well groomed neat looks to the messy ones and last but not the least, from the long and loose fashion outfits to the short and fitted ones- it’s all celebrity fashion style news. Stunning formal gowns with exposure and sheer cutouts have been the stars favorite looks on the red carpet; however going along with it have been the teen celebrity trends of short and fitted fashion dresses.


Celebrity Style TrendsWith every tick of the hour fashion is churning in the perpetual cycle of change and approach and serving out new looks for the season.  Going ultra modern this time round, there are some glaring changes that have been witnessed on the red carpet platform where the stars have stepped out in media with some striking looks; which though rebellious, have been enough to win over the hearts.  In this regard, Bold trends rank top in the celebrity style news which have the use of sheer fabrics , exposure and vibrant hues making a revolutionizing change that has given the celebrity a sound platform of personality defining looks . Tropical fast shades in lipsticks and hairstyles are the most rebellious styles that have stamped the new look of the celebrities.

The most inspiring and thrilling celebrity style news is with respect to the hairstyles which have shunned aside the elegant look of long locks and put forth a mod and  fierce look with short jagged, cropped and sharp cuts. They are in fact all the rage in the current style trends of the stars with ferocity and vibrant color fusions  making the impact more impressive and fun to try. Stars like Rihanna, Katty Perry, Jessica, Miley Cyrus etc are some of the bold fashion stars who have really been the ambassadors of the new and bold celebrity fashion trend\. The deeper you go, the more fun it is, but nevertheless celebrity style news with respect to anything that interests you, will definitely be classy , bold and confidence testing and a strong source of inspiration for you to have a new personality makeover.



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