Dainty Prom Makeup Ideas for Girls


Prom Makeup is something which every girl should learn to master because now and then you will need it to mark your hottest impression during the school and college years.  It’s an occasion to be at your best and your makeup can be the one factor that plays up your dazzling personality on the prom floor. So why go for hefty spending at the parlor when with a little effort you can nail down the sexiest look you may have carried.

Since girls are young and fresh looking therefore, keeping it simple; yet classy, here are a bunch of handy prom makeup tips to follow that can ensure appearances that will not go unnoticed.

Prom Makeup for Girls

TROPICAL LIPPY SHADES -Here’s where to pin it down right-Tropical shades like dainty orange, red etc add a passionately fierce and   invigorating freshness to your looks and they complement the summer getup to a great extent – not to forget the fervent demand of the prom night. Though it’s a discretion of choice yet the prom look should be ravishingly attention drawing and you can make that happen the colorful way with a tropical kissy look with these exotic hues of lipsticks.

LIQUID METALLIC EYE SHADOW-Shun aside your worry of blending eye shadows in the right proximity because you have a great option at hand of the metallic liquid eye shadows. Prom makeup should definitely have these shades which are classy additions that charm up and hone out the perfect refinement of looks within no time. You don’t necessarily have to go all sparkling with glittery looks, in fact sober and dull matte shades like rust, grayish-green, teal blue etc work wonders . It’s a fantastic way to add color to your eyes for the most glamy beauty appeal.

ICE EYE SHADOWS– For those who love to keep it a bit simple and yet be noticed for their taste of beauty, for prom makeup  a new thing to use is the ice eye shadows which  render that sparkling effect to your persona even when your dress is without the dazzling adornment of sequins and beads. This glitzy grace of shivering icy gleam is one of the best organic beauty looks of the season to try out for the prom.

RETRO MAKEUP-It sounds absurd to use the term retro for makeup yet you can redefine your looks for the prom night in the most romantic and gorgeous way  by making two tools of beauty-  your hairstyle and prom makeup work together for the perfect modern vintage style. Simmer that sensual feminine grace by  soft and deep heat waves or curls and add a bit of textured effects with hair color enrichment and go for lush tender shades like pink  which enhance the freshness of complexion to give you’re a gorgeous appeal.

SMOLDERING SMOKY EYES -Smoky eye makeup has been the talk of the town for quite some time and undeniably it is still one of the hottest eye makeup trends of the season that offers an eternal  tinge of sexy and flirty looks- a requirement of the prom style. For young girls, the smoky look is one of the best prom makeup looks that can earn you  a good deal of attention  and the best thing about it is that it alone can suffice the  your need for the prom makeup.

SHIMMER LINER – Play around with color with the amazing shimmering and luminous colored liners that are semi-transparent and can be used in numerous ways to add sparkling effect to the eyes. The latest trend is to use it with the cats eye style liner but on the lower eye lining. Light blue, turquoise, light purple and metallic gold and silver are some of the trending choices to avail the best out of for the best prom makeup looks.


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