Dainty Summer Updo’s for Medium Hair


Amidst the rising temperatures and sweltering heat in summer, it apparently seems impossible to have a classy hairstyle that will stay put despite all that sweat. Usually women tend to cut down the long locks and opt for short and medium lengths to refresh their looks for some of the crown flattering impressions offered by the latest hair trends.This reduced length can be made to work to the advantage for some very perky styles like the Summer Updo’s which can be your ventilating styles of elegance and exquisiteness.

Churning and brewing fast in the pretext of rendition and mod approaches, there are some very irresistible styles in the Summer Updo’s that cater to all your formal and causal needs in effortless ways that have creativity dancing about in festivity.  Some of the toppers in the list of the best summer updo’s stamped as charismatic have been nailed down.

Summer Updo 2014


Nothing short of perfection and replete with romantic appeal, the vintage styles are some of the classic modern versions of nostalgic grace in hairstyling which in the side updo’s adorned with latest fancy hair accessories  heighten the appeal of the summer updo’s. Meeting the criteria of every hot and passionate formal event, it can be a classy choice for proms, weddings and homecomings because they add that seductive tinge of appeal women nowadays pursue.


When it comes to nailing down dainty styles that are charismatic and crown flattering, the loose wavy and curly summer updo’s with sexy spirals and deep waves always reign as the toppers. For medium lengths they are all the more defining and sensational with the addition of bangs that can be styled up in numerous ways. However, for the most promising and complementing impressions of two different trends, the sleek side swept bangs tend to be the most apposite for these classy waves and curl effects as it offers a very striking impact of straightness and gleam  to the overall style of these crunched up summer updo’s.

Summer updo


Medium length hairstyles have emerged as some of the most glamorous and charismatic styles for women on account of the creative concepts that have revolutionized their presentation. The braided styles are indeed back with a bang and stormed the aisle of formal styles marking enhanced feminine grace with elegance.  Offering a bare look of the neck along with creativity at the front crown are the braided summer updo’s which have been some of the classy modern choices in the world of stardom as well.  For some of the easy-to-do summer updo’s in the braided the simple French style and side plain plait are gorgeous for young girls and young adults. For more sophisticated the intricate styles, the full curved herringbone updo is a ravishing choice.


Being the most hassle free and most adorable look of your hair the sleek texture is an ideal choice for medium lengths. When it comes to the causal summer updo’s, simply go for the sleek texture and tie it up in a classy rich knotted bun and you’re done for the day. The rich shiny hair texture will work wonders in giving your looks a boost of booming admiration and you can add a fiery impression by adding streaks.


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