Exercises for a Straight Body Posture


Presentation is the edifice of appeal no matter what and a  hunched or bent body posture flushes down the drain all the charm of your personality within seconds no matter how hefty you might have gone in your fashion ordeal. However; it’s never too late to work out with some result-oriented work out  exercises to regain or achieve a straight body posture . Below are some good exercises to get the grace of body stance that can help you be a better personality.

 Reverse crunches for Straight Body Posture

Reverse crunches make another great exercise for strengthening the body stance . Only this time, instead of moving your head upwards, as in normal crunches, lie down and lift both of your legs upwards and towards your abdominals. This is an excellent exercise for achieving sharp abdominals, pushing in stomach fats and improving the overall body posture through the spinal cord.

Exercise for Body Posture


Crunches provide excellent results for achieving a proper body posture and solid abdominal muscles. Just lie down on a flat surface with your knees bent tightly and put both of your hands behind your head and slowly move upwards. The folded arms push In the shoulder blades and gear into effort the spinal cord; which with daily practice  helps the head in proper alignment with the body and prevents a hunched back. Perform 10-15 repetitions until you feel a tight burning effect in your upper abs. Complete 4 sets of this exercise each day to witness some amazing results for the entire body posture.

Exercise for Straight Posture


Hip rotation

Hip rotating exercises are some of the very result-orienting workouts for a good body stance  which tend to contribute a great deal in the attaining a good posture  by bringing about an equilibrium in the management of the spine and shoulders.  They can be done by lying down on the ground and lifting one leg and taking it towards the other side till abdominal length in a 90 degree angle. keep it in place for 10-15 seconds and then repeat with the other leg. Another way to do hip rotating exercises is by using a ball. Lie flat on the ground and place a ball under your feet so that you come in an inclining position. rotate  your body sideways for with your hands and back straight against the ground. These exercises also help in the relief of stress and pain in the shoulders and spine.

Hip Bridge

The Hip bridge exercise is a perfect way to enhance the working of your back and bring about erectness in your body stance , abs and butt which greatly contribute in an erect body posture. Initially lie down on your back over a flat surface and bend the knees. Now slowly raise your hips upwards until your back and abdominals achieve an inclined angle. Hold this position for 10 seconds and slowly get back to the original position on the floor. Make sure you rest your neck and let your legs do all the working. 10 minutes daily routine can provide impressive results for your body posture and flexibility.

Straight Body Posture Exercise

 The Plank

This  is a wonderful exercise for improving the body posture as it strengthens the back, abs and the neck area. Just lie down on the floor with your face down as you’re doing push-ups. Now hold all your body weight on your forearms and balance yourself. Keep your back straight and abs pulled up this will let you get the hang of how to hold the erectness of head, spine and shoulders while standing. Do this for a minimum of 10 seconds and move on with the next repetition. Just 15 minutes of this effective exercise can not only improve your body posture and but can also shape up the entire body with maximum results.

The Wall Squats

Wall squat is a unique exercise for strengthening the back and neck as it  helps greatly in balancing the weight on the spine and contributes to good posture. To start this exercise, stand straight with your back against the wall. Now gradually move down as you’re trying to sit on a chair. You should hold the position for at least 10 seconds before moving upwards.  This is very helpful for people who are slightly hunched from the shoulders as the stiff wall tends to push in the shoulder blades; as a  result of which you will be able to hold your head, back and shoulders in an aligned position. Frequent practice will let you have a grip over how to balance all your body parts essential for a good body posture.

   Flying posture

This is a terrific exercise for improving the back posture and enhancing the body’s flexibility. Just lie down on the floor on your stomach and slowly stretch your arms and legs upwards as you’re flying like a superman. Perform this exercise until you feel a tightening effect in your back. This will apply stress on your muscles but at the same time will enable you to manage your spine erectly. Hold the position for 8-10 seconds before you move on to the next repetition.

Apart from focusing on a good body posture, Women pursuing to add more to their health and looks  will also find it worthwhile to focus on attaining a  well balanced body weight and a slim and smart figure that  directly gear you up physically; for which certain weight loss and body shaping exercises  can assist you to whet out your best version.

 So what are your waiting for, get started for a better looking you!


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