Fancy Eye Makeup Trends 2014


Latest fancy eye makeup trends 2014 are offering immaculately fabulous and innovative concepts of beauty to the art of makeup application. They have been some of the most astounding and revolutionizing beauty inclinations that have added immense grace to the way women look.

Providing perky concepts of modish and  impeccable designing, there are some very rousing fancy designs of eye makeup looks that have made the art of makeup application all the more intricately  enjoyable for women of all ages. Apart from the trending popular styles like the cat’s eye, double liner and tip off , there are some gorgeous fancy designs in the latest Eye Makeup  Trends 2014 that have induced inspired artistic concepts in beauty which simply cannot be ignored.

New Eye Makeup Trends 2014

Rhinestone Designs

Personally some of the  favorites styles in the latest fancy Eye Makeup Trends 2014 that offer a sparkling edge to  the eyes  is the use of rhinestones. Creatively patterned and glued on around the eyes in classy designing, they offer a fantasy look with the dramatic charm of rhinestones that earn you attention the minute you mark your entry. It’s a great and fun filled way for teenagers to go out on parties.

 Rhinestone Eye Makeup

Inspired Designs

Inspiration is the base of the latest fashion trends and inspired themes like nature, animal and objects find a unique presentation in the latest eye makeup trends 2014 with animal fur colors, celestial impressions, trees and many more items and things being some of the very interesting concepts in vogue.

Inpsired Eye Maekup Trend

Fantasy Eye Makeup

Making use of cool light shades  with a tinge of shimmer, metallic hues and celestial images like crescents  and stars, the latest Eye Makeup Trends 2014 have in store an experience of the world of fantasies which along with dramatic eye lining  offer defining impressions.

Bird's Eye Makeup


Bird’s Eye Makeup

The impeccable Blending of hues is one of the most commendable things in the latest Eye Makeup Trends 2014 which have some very complicated fancy designs inspired by bird feathers in vibrant hues. With no hard and fast rule of color combinations, it’s amazing to see how rousing these exotic styles can be so elegantly stylish.

Butterfly Eye Makeup

A cool trend that offers an image impression of a butterfly to the eyes when closed, it really is something very innovative and definitely an adept talent of perfection in makeup. It’s a groovy trend that scores a high popularity rate amongst the freaky fashion lovers who love to rule out their own distinctive looks like the sub-cultural gothic style.

Crazy Eye Makeup Trend

Crazy Eye Makeup

If you think that going for bright shades is absurd well there is more news in store for you. The crazy eye makeup trends 2014 have an extra dose of dramatic fancy styles that make use of large false lashes, feathered extensions followed by bright shades to dish out eccentric makeup looks never seen or carried before. It really is as crazy you could possibly make it with absolutely no fixed proximity of designing or use of items to adorn the eyes.

Painted Eye Makeup Trend

Painted Eye Makeup

The latest trends have proved to be very experimental by tampering with everything at hand to score out winning looks of beauty. The painted eye makeup trends 2014 offer you the discretion of every color and design you might want for looks that give away a trendy idea of beauty.


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