Flattering Short Summer Hairstyles 2014


With the arrival, of summer, managing long can be a bit of a hassle due to the heat and sweaty feeling that make the hair look like a complete mess. The best way to stay fresh, modern and confident about yourself this summer is to go short in hair length and try out some of the new and flattering hairstyles that add a catchy spice to your appeal.  The new short summer hairstyles 2014 to look forward to are

 A line short summer  Hairstyles 2014 – the concept of A line is not only popular in women’s dress styles but has also served as a catchy way to style the modern short hairstyles 2014. The latest bob haircuts ion the  A line styles are some of the very flattering looks of short hair for this summer.  Whether you get a simple one-sided A line cut or carry the A line look with short layers, the look is simply stunning and gorgeous. It really gives a modern look to the short hairstyles 2014 which is suitable for women of all ages. What more is fun is that for a  unique and more captivating look , you can style layers in the razor, edgy, choppy, sleek or wavy manner to have4 an ocean of options that allow you to carry a new look every day.

Short Summer Hairstyle

Smooth sweetheart – perfect for all ages, this is a simple plain bob haircut which in the sleek texture carrying a simple center parting, gives a fresh and lively look with its cropped jaw line ending. It frame lines the facial structure to display a cute look and is ideal for young girls who can add streak combinations to breathe in liveliness of color.

Summer Hairstyle 2014

Asymmetrical edgy cuts – the asymmetrical short haircuts 2014 are all the hype in the latest hair trends 2014 because of the modern fierceness  they have. The sharp,  pointed and uneven strands of hair fuse in a very striking impact which looks best with the streak effect. The style gives an apparent touch of creativity to one side and is especially ideal for women with an oval or long face.

Sassy pixie hairstyle – how about adding a new look to your short pixie cut this summer season? You may have been seeing the sleek, funky, messy and curly pixie gearing in to the spot light p till now, so why not add a new change of looks to it. The sassy pixie short haircuts 2014 have in fact made use of the short length in a spectacular way by fusing in hot cutting techniques to give out edgy cuts intermingled with a spiky and funky look. The result is some which you simply like and cannot make out what the true style is.  Give the front crown  a color effect and simply be at your best.

The flipped stacked bob – give your bob haircut a new twist by shaping it up in the stacked style. The layered tops of hair can either be simply carried straight down in the sleek texture or be given a modernized look by flipping over the different length of the stacked cutting on different sides to simmer a spectacular look of edgy cutting. Having a very modish appeal, it is one of the best hairstyles for women with thick hair.  This is one of the short summer hairstyles 2014 which not only flaunts the thickness of the hair in complete creativity but also rules out some of the hottest looks on the floor for this summer.


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