Get Sassy Regal Twists with Velcro Rollers


Every once in a while you should modify your outlook by altering your monotonous and droning straight-out style with bouncy, vigorous and gleaming curls. An easy and safe way to accomplish this stunning look is with the usage of styling tools like the Velcro rollers. Ideal for every hair length and cut, they are some of the best ways to bring about the wavy and curly retro effects.

Giving a salon touch to your hair, they not only create volume and make the hair appear full-bodied but also offer classy regal twists that simply spark up your look. What more is an advantage is that their use involves no heat which means no hair damage. So for all your hot formal events you can economically shape your hair in amazing styles and fuse up some peppery hair shades to cast a better outlook.

Available in the market in different sized rollers, you can pretty much simmer up the desired look by altering the intensity of the curls and loose waves with the various sizes in the kit. Many styling rollers have the drawback that they at times do not suit every hair texture, but this is where the Velcro rollers take the lead. They tend to be suitable for every type of hair and have easy usage with maximum results of styling. Even when aiming for hot celebrity hairdos; be it Marilyn Monroe’s awesome retro waves, Mila Kunis loose beach waves, Reese Witherspoon’s gorgeous blonde locks or Selena Gomez’s soft sexy curls; Velcro rollers are the most favorable tools to kick-up the star look.


Easy Velcro Rollers

It’s pretty easy to get desired effects of curls. Here are the simple steps to follow and you’re done for the day’s spectacular look.

  1. Make your hair damp and part them up in to numerous sections (as many curled strands as you want).
  2. Keep your hair tightly pulled when rolling them in the Velcro rollers to evade slacking for the perfect full smooth twist.
  3. Start from the tips of hair and roll in downward/clockwise direction so that you get curls that flip outwards for better impact.
  4. Keep rolling the strands of hair around the Velcro rollers until the Velcro rollers are secure against the scalp and pin them loosely to keep in place. However; you can roll them up to whatever length you wish to see the change from.
  5. Keep these rollers in hair for 20 to 25 minutes so that the damp hair take their twisty position and then remove them carefully one by one.

A tried and tested method of using these rollers is by rolling all hair back; starting with a Mohawk section and then putting rollers on the both sides. Avoid pulling harshly while undoing or else the tiny bristles on the Velcro rollers can break hair, subsequently giving a damaged frizzy look. If required, use spray anti-frizz or styling hair spray to control any traces of frizzy and untamed flyaways.



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