Health Benefits of Banana


Fruits are favorite natural products which everyone loves. Yet some of us are oblivious to the indefinite number of health benefits they hold for us; especially when it comes to health looks. So let’s embark on one such fruit utility which is a fantastic leap towards an epic beauty –  the health benefits of banana.

It’s one of the healthiest food rich in an indefinite number of nutrients, natural sugars, vitamins and minerals; which is why the banana is in fact a blessing in disguise for skin, hair and health effects. Focusing on the Health benefits of banana, here are some of its wonders you should be knowing.

 Controls blood pressure – medical researchers have proven that the intake of a banana helps keep the blood pressure in control with its rich composition of calcium, magnesium and potassium. For people who have issues of fluctuating blood pressure, this is one of the greatest Health benefits of banana that should inspire you to avail its advantage.

Increases brain power – one of the best Health benefits of banana is that it’s great for your mental stamina and function. Being an extremely rich source of vitamin B which is good for perking up the brain, it also has potassium which makes the mind sharp and increases memory power. A real fruity benefit for students to make a part of their daily diet.


Treats stomach problems – here’s a bunch of good Health benefits of banana which is a good reason to make it a part of your diet plan. Issues like constipation, stomach ulcers, bowel problem, piles etc are common issues with many people,   but they can be treated and prevented naturally by eating a banana.  It contains ingredients that promote development of the stomach lining and avert acid impacts preventing ulcers. The enhanced buildup of the stomach muscles increase bowel functioning and reduce the issues of constipation. It also has a rich source of substance known as fructooliosaccharide which stimulate growth and functioning of colon and enzymes that increase and enhance better absorption.

An instant source of energy – anything that gives an instant boost to your energy level must be a part of your daily diet so that you can carry out your routine work without tiring out. A banana converts the natural sugars of the body into instant energy and this is one of the Health benefits of banana that makes it one of the widely used foods by sportsmen who are always on the run. It’s great for kids and grownups alike.

Decreases rate of stroke – the rich source of potassium is one of the reasons why a banana is effective is decreasing the chances of a stroke because it tends to boost the nerves and their functioning; thus lessening the risks.

Strengthens bones–  calcium is one of the vital minerals for healthy bones and  medically, the Health  benefits of banana tend to be a great assistance in the strengthening of the bones  because it contains  Probiotic bacteria which works wonders in the absorption of calcium in the body. Furthermore, a banana itself is also a very rich source of calcium. So it not only assists in calcium absorption but also provides. It’s a great fruit for growing children and people with joint problems.

Increase weight – let’s remove a confusion,  you may have read at places that a banana increases weight while it is also is propounded that it helps in weight loss. Which is right?  In fact both- Yes, when taken with milk, it tends to  provide natural sugars along with milk protein which enhance body weight.

Good for anemia – lack of iron in the body leads to physical weakness, hair loss and anemia and being rich in iron, the health benefits of banana offer better regulation of and production of hemoglobin level in the body and is a good cure for anemic patients..

Prevents morning sickness –  many people have morning sickness which makes them back away from eating. Vomiting in the early hours is also a problem.  Vitamin B6, serotonin, dopamine, tryptophan and many other minerals tend to  control such erratic moods , depression and emotional disturbance.




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