Top Fat Burning Foods That Slim Down Your Figure


Certain fat burning foods also commonly termed as ‘negative calorie foods’ are the easiest ways to shed mounting pounds of flesh without famished diets and hefty treatments.

Nature is abundant in edibles that have the natural ability to promote metabolism, burn down lipids and build muscle tissues to help you get rid of increasing pounds of weight the safe way. So to avail the miracle results of weight loss without starving diet plans and aesthetic procedures, you can munch your way to a slimmer you !

Top Fat Burning Foods

For those facing frequent failure and incessantly troubled by weight gain, we have a list of some amazing fat burning foods that altogether when adopted in the diet easily slim you down to your ideal figure.


Did you know that a daily intake of 43 grams of salty almonds is a guarantee of a stable weight condition? Yes, that’s right. According to medical proven results in the European journal of clinical nutrition, consumers of dry roasted salty almonds indicated a stable weight and were less vulnerable to gain weight while staying healthy in the slim physique at the same time.

Fat Burning Foods

Almonds have a low concentration of calories and also work as anti-suppressant edibles that make you feel full and moderate your appetite. So, munch on the crunchy salty almonds now and give your body a natural defensive against gaining weight.

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Fibers are some of the core ingredients that serve amazing results when we talk of controlling weight. Enriched with a high amount of fiber richness, Berries are some of the top fat burning foods that cut down 7 calories of for each gram eaten. The intake of any type of berry alone can be a reason to shed 30 pounds of weight annually and if paired with other effective fat burning foods, you can be in control of how you want to look.

Fat Burning Foods


This is one of the spicy ways to melt down fatty tissues in the body. Cinnamon is one of the effective fat burning foods that is readily available in the kitchen and can work wonders in reducing your body mass much faster. Cinnamon imitates the properties of insulin and increases metabolism rate which eventually helps burn down fat in a healthy manner.

 Fat Burning Foods

Cinnamon is also a natural ‘appetite lowering agent’ that makes you feel full; which means that it curbs your ardent tendency to eat a lot.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of honey.
  • Add the mixture to a boiling cup of water and sip your way through to a smart waist line.


Rice is one of the most enjoyed whole meals and whether you eat it white boiled state or in the brown format, each has its own set of health benefits. However; focusing on fat burning foods concept, we are primarily concerned with brown rice. So, why is brown rice version bets suitable for reducing weight? The reason is that they are whole grain edibles that are efficient when it comes to rid of energy reserves in the body.

Fat Burning Foods


This name is not a new when especially when it comes to searching the net or market for products that render amazing beauty results. Not only is it of great use for the hair and skin but is also one of the best   fat burning foods that have a high concentration of mono-saturated fatty acids that are medically known for numerous health benefits including cholesterol level. A little consumption on daily basis can do lots for you when it comes to a desire of trimming down body weight.

Fat Burning Foods

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Egg whites are your not-to-miss foods because they are an acknowledged to offer you multiple skin, health and beauty benefits. Their consumption tends to be digested after workout routines and it facilitates weight loss as does not allow storage of any fats under your skin by either digesting or excreting them. They also are ideal for burning down stored fatty lipids in the body tissues.

 Fat Burning Foods


Protein rich White meat is known for its innumerable health benefits and you can use it as one of the top fat burning foods to stimulate a healthy weight loss program. Wild salmon and tuna fish have a large amount of polysaturated fatty acids that directly assists mass reduction in the body. Just like egg whites, they too are readily digested and the access amount is excreted. What more is good news about these fat burning foods is that they assist in muscle build up without the worry of allowing fat build up. Thus, you remain slender; yet healthy. Even red lean meat is also a great fat burning food that has protein richness and works in lowering fat level like fish meat.

Fat Burning Foods


Pepper does not only have a burning taste but also a burning fat effect in the body too. Yes, you got it right, with a reputation of zero level calories, hot peppers work effectively during the digestive process in the stomach to dissolve and melt away calories. The addition of hot sauces in to foods like soups and curries etc tend to further boost the rate of metabolism for a health cut down on body fats.

Fat Burning Foods


Not known to many, the Mexican chia seeds are affluent in omega-3 fatty acids which work like a power house and work harder to burn more energy and fats in the body which greatly make you lean.

Fat Burning Foods


With high fiber and protein content, a low glycemic index and an efficient calories effect, quinoa is our last but not the least of the best fat burning foods that can do you a great favor when it comes to marinating or attaining a sound and slim waist line. It prevents you from eating too much by acting as a suppressant, curbing insulin shoot ups and cuts on desire for sugary things.

Fat Burning Foods

Weight loss is thus; no more a herculean task and you really don’t have to go the financial way to look and feel better about yourself. Let the natural fat burning foods be your yummy and economic ways to health and fitness.


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