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Fashion is all the more fun when it is not bound by any hard and fast rule in combinations. In fact when you have a free hand to be expressive in any manner you want then that is the true spirit of being your true self. The hip hop fashion  culture is one such sub-culture of style which is even more liberal than the street style fashion and  marks its own distinctive outlook on account of the attitude the comes with it.

For the young generation there is an ocean of ways to be smart, expressive, individualistic and trendy in some of the liveliest ways of fashion dressing. Accessorizing is another highlight of the hip hop fashion which is the true basis on which you can really differentiate it from other sub-cultures of fashion.

Hip Hop Fashion

Thus all the more options and ways of being unique. Blue fashion look in the most groovy and impressive styles in the menu of the upcoming Hip hop fashion trends 2014. The blue denim jeans, blue printed jackets, caps, sneakers and logo t-shirts have an ocean of prints and designs to pair up well for an electrifying impression of fashion. The numerous shades of blue offer fabulous contrast of shades in every type of outfit out in the market. Some other trending traits of the hip hop fashion 2014  for boys include printed trousers, groovy hairstyles, baggy pants, graphitic designs etc. Hip hop fashion trends 2014 for girls have the traditional short shorts, tank tops, open collar jackets, sweat shirts capri styled pants etc as the ruling themes for clothing.

Hip Hop Fashion 2014

However; since it’s a new fashion year, there is more  emphasis on the shades that will be the flavor of the fashion 2014 such as military green, brown, black, red, beige etc. unlike street style fashion , the outlook of the hip hop fashion is not so colorful but rather impressive in the sense of sober colors. Tank top styles in plain printed tops and fancy designs such as the feather top, plunging neckline, layered and stacked stitching are some of the new additions to the girls wear which offer artistic looks to the short tops. accessorized getups are an essential trait of the hip hop fashion  no matter what the genre of fashion with many things such as casual shoes, chained pants, finger gloves, caps, fancy handbags, belts, sweat bands, fashion scarves for the head etc are some of the ’must’ looks to form the hip hop look.


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