Korean Skin Care Routine to Adopt


 If you’re looking for a rundown on the best  physical beauty, then the Step-wise regimen of Korean skin care routine  must tempt you to dig down deep and root out what renders Korean women that spotless, poreless tight facial look. It’s indeed a craze for women longing for immense clarity and glow of facial and body skin.

Being an intriguing research for the beauty lovers, here’s a review of some of the Korean skin care steps that render the Korean men and women that absolutely ravishing look worth envy. It’s a great more effort than what we usually do in our skin care regimen – hence the difference.

Korean skin care measures are basically their cultural trend which they tend to impart to their young teenagers from the very start and the results are before the world. The appeal tends to trigger one to really work on oneself. Communal bath house tours are the common Korean skin care measures which they have culturally adopted to have their dead skin sloughed off with green viscos cloths. Regular visits to these bath houses keep their skin free from roughness, scarring and dark skin spots.

Korean skin Care

Korean Skin Care Guide

Step 1 : Focusing on face massage with a cleansing oil rather than just a simple cleanser is another different approach in Korean skin care practice which emphasize massage with oil. It not only deeply cleans the skin but increases blood circulation at the same time and promotes not only better elasticity and suppleness of the skin but also brightens up the complexion – a trait of their skin which people craze over.

Step 2: Korean skin care is also a great deal about makeup removal tips that tend to focus on giving the cleansing as much time as for makeup application. Use an intense facial cleaner like the Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Oil to do all the cleaning up because a normal one would is simply not enough.

Step 3: Natural exfoliating with natural scrubs like the Skin Food Black Sugar Off Mask is the Korean skin care method to bring back soft and smooth skin like that of a baby’s butt. Exfoliating is often done by us almost on daily basis but the Korean skin care method tends to adhere to skin exfoliating thrice a month with concentration on the T-zone of the face so that it curbs the occurrence of blackheads. Twice or thrice a month suffices their need because of the regular bath house tours and cleansing practices.

Step 4: The use of ‘refreshers’ is another difference of Korean skin care methods. We normally use skin toners that are harsh and apart from toning up the skin also lead to skin drying. The Korean refreshers are similar products s which they make from natural growths like bamboo extracts which are used for toning up the skin texture which are mild and sooth up skin coarseness without causing harm of any kind. The amount of dirt that comes off from the skin is absolutely alarming but the outcome is appealing clean skin.

Step 5: Essence – Korean skin care technology is ranked on top when it comes to skin care products and in the Korean skin care regimen, they make use of essences that offer ravishing results similar to the SK-11 Facial Treatment Essence. These products tend to work on skin development at cellular level and dish out brighter and smoother skin texture.
Step 6 : Ampoules are some of the serum boosters that have a concentrated composition which very effectively with their potent ingredients , fade away skin marks, pigmentation and brightens up the skin. You should definitely try out the Missha Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule night cream.

Step 7 : Sheet masks may sound something new to our skin care practice ; yet they are the best ways to keep your skin hydrated. These face sheets are a twice-a-week ritual in the Korean skin care practice and has ingredients that soak your skin with core ingredients like collagen, avocado extracts and vitamin E. These sheets are technologically formatted to make your skin absorb these skin essentials and as a result give immediate glowing, and supple skin results.

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Step 8: Night creams do not go unmissed on daily basis as the Korean women hold it as the time of recharging the daily wear and tear and heavy makeup applications during the day. The use fermented Korean skin care products that keep the skin hydrated and cool all night long and preventing issues like dark circles etc so that when you wake up the next morning, it’s all the beauty on the walk again.

A regular practice of the Korean skin care routine is a guarantee to the most alluring beauty you may have ever experienced.


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