Loose Hairstyles for Formal Events


Loose hairstyles have stormed the latest hair trends and style platform with numerous ways of giving effortless looks to women which despite the casual look carry so much grace that they are now some of the widely tried formal  styles nowadays. Suitable for all face structures and ages; they are some of the most trending styles in fashion today. When it comes to formal modern hairstyles then usually women prefer the updo styles for the perfect elegant grace of feminine looks that pairs up well with long gowns and maxi dresses.

The use of different color is one of the hottest hair trends which is the basis for simmering the look you want. For example light hair shades like the blonde are for a hot, seductive and flirty look for passionate events like the prom and homecoming ; while dark hair colors such as brown and black are for a more fierce and mature look that complements an official, red carpet and wedding look. Some of the best loose hairstyles for formal events have the following modern hairstyles  handpicked on account of the stunning looks they offer.

Loose Hiarstyles

  • Formal updo’s  Loose Hairstyles are some of the very modern hairstyles that have made a huge impact of appeal in the current trend of hair fashion. For formal events despite the loose way of styling there are so many graceful  loose twists and turns of low bun styles in the dark and light hair shades which makes the appeal of the loose hairstyles so elegant and worth carrying. Fit for weddings, proms and homecoming events, they are truly exceptional and trendy. Accessorizing them with the latest hair trends in accessories enhances the appeal even more.
  • the loose side swept low casual bun is another one of the effortless modern hairstyles which offers a retro touch to this  formal loose hairstyle which with a fancy sparkle headband is a factor that draws attention. You can also accessorize these long hairstyles with a large floral clip for a feminine touch that charms up the formal getup.

Loose Hairstyles 2014

  • High buns with cascading strands are indeed worth the mention when one really wants to be noticed for creativity. Perfect in the curly cascading styles which have a full creatively messy high bun at the top with strands of hair falling along the side is absolutely in the golden blonde shade. Adorning the bun with a fancy bun ring or floral hair clip is the perfect formal impression any hairstyle can carry
  • Loose braided long hairstyles are some of the very classic styles in the latest hair trends of modern hairstyles for women with long hair which have once again  become some of the very popular trends in hair fashion. The numerous braided looks carry loose strands and fringes along with a rich hair shade tend to offer a smart and stunning look which has been carried so well by many celebrities such as Nicole Kidman.
  • Low loose curly ponytails with side swept  bangs and fringes are some of the very easy  long hairstyles which are also very smart and chic for young girls and adults. The sleek side swept fringes offer another artistic touch to the style and offers the grace of the formal modern hairstyles look.



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