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The real charm of your beauty is what speaks for itself through the  manicure effort you invest in taking care of the health and maintenance of every part of your body. Our hands are the most commonly used parts which are helpful in assisting us in our work, but a beautiful and well maintained pair of hands also  adds to the beauty of any person; especially females.

Therefore, like our face, our hands also need attention and care; especially the nails and there’s no better way to give them that care than getting a good manicure. You can either seek the services of a salon for this purpose, or simply do it yourself in the comfort of your home.

Requiring no such great ordeals simple methods of maintenance and skin care measures for hands and nails tend to suffice for some of the most stunning appeal of graceful hands that you may possibly have seen.



By following a few simple manicure steps, you can end up relieving your hands of the tired and worn out look of the nails and end up with gorgeous soft hands whose appeal with a simple adoration of the latest nail art trends or even simple nail polish can enliven the look and charm of your delicate hands.

1.  Step one, is to ensure that your hands are clean and free of any dirt and debris caused as a result of the accumulation of the dead skin in the skin tissues. This is done by cleansing of the hands which tends to  rid the skin of its dullness and brings out fresh clean skin by scarping away the dead and flaky cells and pollutants. A proper regular cleansing routine also keeps skin infections at bay, which is a problem many people face.

2. Step Two After you are done with the cleansing, the next step is to moisturize your hands with a good lotion which will provide them with adequate moisture to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Doing this in a massaging motion will increase blood circulation to the hands and helps in better skin and tissue development.

Moisturizing the skin also helps in smoothening and rejuvenating it, adding to their beauty even more. These were the two most important steps for your manicure session of the nails, but the work doesn’t end here. There’s just a bit more to  do and then you’re all done.

3. Step Three Once your hands are properly cleansed and moisturized, the next stage is to trim your nails and file them into shape. This process of filing the nails tends to smooth out any irregularities on the nail surface and helps free the nails of the problem of nail splitting.

4. Step Four Once the nails are sculptured in the desired shape, the final step is to adorn hands by coating the nails with nail polish or nail art; anything that goes with your taste.

So, for all you beauties out there, remember that any stylish and fashionable look you want to give yourself-  is incomplete with pretty looking hands and nails to compliment your looks.




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