Mens Hair Trends 2014


It seems that men’s fashion has always been overlooked or  maybe designers and stylists had been biased towards them in the past. However, over the last decade there has been a boost in the fashion category of men; whereby, all fashion aspects for men have been given special attention- in particular as seen in the men’s hair trends 2014.

For a modern look the short haircuts and hair trends in styling have been given a totally new direction which satiate the requirement of men to be modish, cool and attention grabbing in gatherings no matter what the hour or occasion. Now, ample amount of brands, designers and stylists have been ruling over this category.

Hair Trends for Men

Just like changing women hairstyles; each year something new is added to provide people with the hottest styles and for men too; there is an ample stock of new hair trends for 2014 which can very effortlessly bring about that change of personality which they might be in pursuit of.If you want to take pride in your style and intend to look eye-catching in the crowd then there is a lot that you can do with your hair. It is not necessary to completely revamp the look but following the current hair trends and their tampering can do a lot to provide a fresh look. In order to get stylish look or play with the hair most of the time; men’s hairstyles need to have a little bit longer hair length –which is the change of look of 2014. Even the medium would go fine but small length  is no longer the talk of the town.

New Hair Trends

Preppy hairstyle:

Want to get slicked back hair which is more casual and funky in the men’s hairstyles? You do not need to add much volume in the hair by using gel, mousse or blow dryer. You can use any lightweight and lower chemical concentration product to get casual and messy sort of a look and walk out confidently in style. This kind of hair trends allow you compatibility with all types of needs.

 spiky hairstyles

Spikes are an evergreen look in the modern men´s hairstyles. Each year you see either smaller spikes or longer ones but they are there always. You cannot miss to adapt to this hottest hair trend even this season. The major difference in spike hairstyle is dependent upon the height – medium spikes are good enough for casual events. However, you can have longer retro styled looks with  gel look for a casual event or your high school party. If you check out spike hairstyles for celebrities, Jim Carrey carries the medium height, while Adam Lambert would be seen in longer ones.

2014 Hair Trends


Mohawk Hairstyle:

A Mohawk hairstyle is simply wonderful and seen around since last two three years consecutively in the men’s hairstyles. You must have seen David Beckham wear the same hairstyle in his matches and advertisements quite often. With machine trimmed edges and a big puff in the center, the hairstyle is certainly for teenagers and young men. This is however, not a choice for any formal event.

Hair Trends 2014

Quiff Hairstyle:

This is one of the hottest hair trends of 2014 in the men’s hairstyles. There might be some similarities between quaff and Mohawk hairstyle as the center part remains thick in both the cases. In quiff hairstyle the sides remain little volumized while the center has spiky touch. It has a wonderful overall look, and extra shine can be added by adding shimmer gel.


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