Men’s Spring Trends 2014


Men’s spring trends 2014; like that of women have the metallic trend as one of the most sensational variety that has offered a classy touch to men’s fashion in  casual and formal wear. The liquid metallic net shirts , metallic shorts , open collar coats and metallic full suits are some of the very best wardrobe essentials if you really want  to be noticed for style.

Using them with jeans, printed shirts  and trousers is really one of the trendiest fashion combinations of the Men’s spring trends 2014. The trend of blue fashion also continues to rank in the top men’s fashion trends 2014  and the variety of blue looks is worth the sight. Black fashion is also a highlight of the top trends which have the printed shirts, coats and ties to make all the causal jeans wear and formal suits stunning and attention grabbing.

Spring Fashion Trend

 What more in men’s fashion? For guys there is  gust of new and lively stock of summer and spring wear for the year 2014. Complementing the environment; the printed fashion is one of the most dominant features of the Men’s spring trends 2014 whereby; numerous combinations of printed variety in shorts, pants, shirts and coats have been paired up together to  breathe in a gust of lively change in their getup. The difference of appeal and presentation of this printed variety in men’s fashion is way more cool and catchy than the 2013 print fashion; whereby the intensity of color is made more conspicuous through the use of lustrous fabric carrying the vibrant printed patterns.

Men's Spring Fashion

Thrilling Print Trends for Spring

The printed fashion for men has  the following hot styles awaiting the youngsters who can really make it work to their advantage for a chic and cool image by fusing and pairing up the printed variety with some other hot trends of the new fashion 2014 such as the leather fashion, fashion boots etc. the top popular combinations and trends in the men’s spring trends 2014 include: Leather skinny pants  with open collar coats,  Large printed full sleeved shirts, Printed shirts with block colored collars, Striped pants with patterned coats , Printed thin coats with contrasting plain block pants etc. Offering a contrast to the printed fashion; the Men’s spring trends 2014 also have plain suits with some fresh shades such as beige, white etc being some of the hot color trends in the men’s fashion suits.


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