Modern Short Sleek Hairstyles 2014


One of the best ways to highlight the latest hair trends is to go for the sleek hair texture. Giving a very smooth and rich base, it not only adds to the appeal of your hair but also makes the unique cutting and color effects all the more prominent- especially in short hair length. This is one of the reasons why the Short sleek hairstyles 2014 are soaring high in the popularity charts amongst women and teenagers who like to not only doll up their looks but also fuse in that x-factor which makes them carry the modern and perky image for a classy personality.

Short sleek hairstyles 2014 are some of the best fierce hairstyles which are doing wonders for women and girls. The edgy and sharp cropped jaw cuttings, tousled effects  and the funky touches give them some great striking looks for impacts that instantly draw attention. Be it the extremely short cropped styles like the pixie, bowl cut with full fringes, the wedge or even the evergreen short bob hairstyles, the sleek texture offers sensational looks of richness and makes them perfect for all formal events like, homecoming, proms, parties and weddings.

Short Sleek Hairstyles 2014

Fierce Short sleek hairstyles 2014 are in fact the ideal styles which girls should try up for a fresh and forceful presentation of modern looks. Using hair accessories like fancy clips, feather and floral adornments and sparkle headbands, gives these Short sleek hairstyles 2014 adorable looks that cater well for the festive needs.Short sleek hairstyles 2014 with the streaks effects also reign amongst the top styles which add confidence to your  image and cater to almost every type of causal and formal need. Pinning down the right color combination to go with your complexion is what will really flatter up your image. They offer an apparent depth and thickness to the hair and come in handy for women with thin and fine hair.

Fierce Short Sleek Hairstyles

There are many ways to give textured effects to your Short sleek hairstyles 2014 like the normal streaking,  random streaking or the dip dying effect. One of the modern combinations  in the Short sleek hairstyles 2014 is the addition of bangs and fringes which have so many fresh styling in the razor, full blunt, choppy and slanting cuttings. Giving only the bangs and fringes colored effects of streaks, is an innovative trend  of streaking to give a very unique dose of hues to your rich and glamorous hairstyle.

Sleek Hairstyles 2014

The asymmetrical Short sleek hairstyles 2014 have been some of the very popular choices when it comes to the latest modern hairstyles. Hairstyles like the tapered asymmetrical, the front extension, layered A line, inverted etc are some of the very perky Short sleek hairstyles 2014 which open up so many style variations in every single haircut to offer you fresh and new looks on daily basis. For those who love to play on the wild side of the hair trends, the Short sleek hairstyles 2014 in the emo versions are some of the creative styles that are running in vogue. Simply splatter up as many shades as you want and simmer as many looks as you want- the fun is endless. So if you’re thinking of a makeover for yourself, the Short sleek hairstyles 2014 are definitely some of the top modern hairstyles to consider.


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