Natural Treatments for Split Ends


Can’t seem to bridle the increasing menace of hair parting? Well Get rid of your split ends economically at home with some natural products that are effective in whisking away the dreaded two-pronged look of hair.

Cutting your hair is not the only option at disposal for getting rid of splits ends which are one of the most disturbing hair conditions that tend to display a sordid, coarse and tarnished state of the hair.

Out of the indefinite hair problems, spilt ends tend to be one of the common issues with women that lingers on and threatens the beauty and health of their hair.  However, they can be treated naturally with some natures’ wonder products and it is in fact advisable to use them because Natural methods are always the safest modes of any physical enhancement you wish to have- not to forget economic.

So if you’re fed up of the split look of your hair and can’t seem to curb the increasing nuisance, here are some effective natural ways to ensure proper hair care that will restructure the hair strands and give you smooth single stranded hair.

Split Ends

Egg Treatment for Split Ends

Before that chick hatches out of the shell, you can pretty much use the egg for treating your split ends.  There will be some other things you’ll need too, like an ounce of rosemary and a pint of water. Steep the rosemary into hot water for some while and then beat in an egg and allow the mixture to cool down. Apply it to your hair and then rise of after a while. It is one of the best ways to naturally shed the 2-pronged look of the hair.


papaya for spilt ends

You may have heard about this wonder product which is replete with awesome richness of minerals and nutrients and has amazing skin, health and hair benefits. Well it also comes as your savior from split ends as well. Simply take a ripe papaya fruit and take out its pulp, add a bit of yogurt in it and apply the paste/ mixture on to your hair and scalp. Wash off after half an hour. With its regular application you will tend to see the difference of reduced split ends and better single stranded look.


Hair oils are some of the most recommended natural products for your hair care regimens because they have compositions which boost better development and nourish the hair.  Out of the numerous hair oils take equal quantities of castor oil, olive oil and mustard oil to treat the problem of split ends. Make up a mixture that will suffice your hair length and after applying simply wrap up your hair in a towel so that the humid environment opens up the pores of the scalp and has effective results.

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It’s a sweet way to deal with the problem of split ends very effectively. Mix up a spoon of honey  with curd and apply the paste to your hair and scalp. It will not only get rid of split ends but also breathe in invigorating shine in to your hair.

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This is the fruity way to hassle free hair because this miracle fruit is a magic wand when it comes to rendering good hair treatment results. It deeply nourishes the hair and makes them soft and also clears the issue of split ends to give your better looking hair naturally. Simply damp your hair and cover it up with mashed avocado. Leave it on for about half an hour and wash off.

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These were some of the very useful homemade naturally treatments for dealing with split ends, do try them out and share your experience.




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