Overcoming Fear


To strive forth is human nature, but at times certain traits of behavior and emotions tend to undermine this eagerness for progressing. Fear is one such weak character trait in human emotion which in anticipation of a certain danger or pain usually makes a person back away from confronting the situation, person or thing and encourages him to turn his back and flee.  This is certainly not a desirable characteristic as it stagnates many doors of self improvement, personality development and  demoralizes determination.

 Types of fear

Fear can be classified into many types of weak character traits; with each type of fear bearing a different type of impact on the life of a person. It can be imagined or irrational which  may include fear of being rejected,  being ridiculed, failing,  facing public etc which may have no standing at all and can lead us to live a coward life.

The second type of fear is more logical and understandable. It is imperative to know that fear is not always  a weak character trait or something bad. It can also be a quality of charter which tends to ring only when a person analyzes the gravity of a situation and senses that it may harm him so he eventually evades it. This is being vigilant in self defense to avoid perils that can be great risks of loss of life, money, material etc. In this regard fear is an emotion which helps us.


However; with regard to personality development, fear is mainly analyzed in terms of the negative impacts it has on individuality.

Impacts of fear

  • It negates all channels of facing reality and being practical
  • It is a weak character trait which can be a baseless cause of living in isolation if the fear is imagined or assumed – which may have no scope in reality at all.
  • It is a great set back to will power and determination.
  • Allows situations, things and people to surpass and manipulate them.
  • Makes a person compromise with what they have despite their desire to explore and achieve more.
  • Makes a person insecure towards situations, people and things- depending upon what he / she fears.
  • Does not leave room for perfection and self development .
  • Is a factor that greatly contributes to a sensitive and weak character and sensitive individuality.
  • Leads to shyness and hesitation which are other negative traits of behavior that encumber positive development.

Strategies to overcome fear

Fear is usually not as serious and harmful as it may apparently be perceived ; though at times it may be a difficult situation – but nothing is impossible. Its confrontation actually turns out to be more simple and less horrific than thought. Here are the step-wise strategies to overcome it.

  • Analyze your fear -Sit down to business and root out what you actually fear. Denying or evading them due to embarrassment or any other reason will block your intention  and attempt of overcoming it.
  • Root out the cause-Figure out its cause and analyze is it really worth it and is it rational and logical or assumed.
  • Trial -If you at once can’t muster up the courage to deal with it, assume the situation, thing or person and try thinking of the best options to deal with it. Practicing in solitude will rule out the parameters of action you may try when you face it in reality.- it is basically beforehand homework.
  • Confront it-For your personal growth of personality go and face  your weak personality traits with a spirit that hard work is the key to success.
  • Be persistent -Repeat your encounters with what you fear. Initially shortcomings and failures will only make you want to urge more to get a grip over it.


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