Perky Modern Hairstyles: The 6 Hottest Bobs


If you talk about modern hairstyles 2014, then the bob haircuts 2014 will definitely  steal the show. They are hyped these days because their  modern edge of style appeal is alluring more and more people and celebrities to opt for them. They are the perfect short hairstyles that go well with almost every occasion and look you might want to carry.  Sounds strange but many are getting the long locks cut and looking for a new fresh  and modern look with this evergreen stock of short hairstyles.

Indeed not everyone can get a perfect look with a bob haircuts 2014 because facial structure tends to encumber top results which require certain pore-requisites. Those who have stretched necks and a lovely jaw line are perfectly apposite to carry the modern short hairstyle 2014 in the bob style ; which are definitely the high scoring styling to look out for this coming fashion year.

Modern Bob Hairstyle

 Bob with Long Bangs:

They are some of the highly taken up short hairstyles and the most loved modern hairstyles 2014 of the contemporary hair fashion and continues  its legacy of a modern and evergreen style in 2014. With this kind of hairstyle, you can easily carry the straight look, waves and curls too. The side-swept bangs add more beauty as they can be kept open or pinned up at the side; offering you great options of diverse looks in the same style.

 Katie Holmes bob:

This wonderful short bob works best on almost every type of face cut as it tends to cover up a great deal of facial problems that may be there. The sleek full ringed bob is glamorous with the sleek shiny texture and is a good option for ladies with a long neck, short or long forehead and a broad facial structure. It is one of the most glamorous style out of the bob haircuts 2014 which needs no other addition to be noticed.

Modern Short Bob Hairstyle

 Disheveled  and funky bob

For teenagers who are pursuing top modern hairstyles 2014 in the short bob styles, opting this kind of long messy bob is the punch style to give yourself an edgy and catchy look that ill earn you good admiration amongst youngsters. The disheveled look is in fact one of the top hair fashion of 2014 and is absolutely hassle free.

Messy & rough long bob

This long bob haircuts 2014 are kind of rough and messy. For getting waves and rough look spray beach salt spray in your hair and roll them before it is completely dried and rock your style with looks that are worth it. If you have waves or curls, get inspiring looks with the layered modern hairstyle 2014 bob – it looks simply wow. If you have thin hair get nothing, but the tinge of graduated bob haircuts 2014 because they have longer front ends and a shorter back and tend to stylishly evade attention from your thin hair density. It looks gorgeous on every age group.

Angular Modern Bob Hairstyle

A-line Bob:

It is one of the confident, youthful and elegant short bob  versions in the modern hairstyles 2014 – the cut has an A-line from the front edge, while back remains short. It is one kind of the graduated bob haircuts 2014, which can go well with every kind of occasion. Those who have an oval or round face need to carry angular or asymmetrical  bob hairstyle to have best results.

Modern Bob Hairstyle 2014

Classic bob:

Those who have fine hair, thin and sleek texture, this is the only hairstyle that can be grown to shoulder length. You can have fringes or bangs from the front for complementing the look – this can add youth touch and sophistication. You can use flat irons or curlers to turn and twist the same hairstyle depending upon the necessity. You can play with your bob haircuts 2014 by adding streaks, extensions and related hair art.




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