Refreshing Colored Hairstyles 2014


Amplify all your seasonal looks; in particular your summer style, by making hairstyling the art of fun by tuning in to  some of the spectacular  multi colored hairstyles 2014 to add augmented  grace and meaning to even your simplest blunt cuts.  Not everyone is conversant with all the sassy color trends in vogue in the latest hair fashion  as only a few handful of some of the top trends like dip dying, color blocking, two toning and streaking have  been the most talked about – but there’s plenty more where that comes from.

Nowadays the enriched look of colors is all what the latest hairstyles are about as they have breathed in life and vigor into the dull and simple monotonous styles carried so far.

Colored Hairstyles 2014


Beauty offers its most refined look in the sleek texture which in the colored hairstyles 2014 has much more to offer than the simple limited streaks you may have witnessed so far. The hair are fully colored with classy shades  which along with the latest cropped, spiky, jagged and edgy cuttings make your short and medium hairstyles a treat to watch; in particular styles like the asymmetrical and angular hairstyles. You can go for sober dark shades or crack up a totally wild look with vibrant colors and shine out more with the bird’s feather touch.   They are ideal for men and women having thick hair.


For long hair the trend of adding sassy multi hues to different strands of lower curly hair length  is one way to totally revolutionize your long curly tresses. The spectrum effect is simply out of this world and a fabulous way to make your light colored hair all the reason to be talked about. They are ideal for young girls who like to be unique and playful.

New Colored Hairstyles


Though some colored hairstyles 2014 tend to be really absurd and eccentric on account of the extra-highlighted multi shades and cannot be the suitable styles to be  carried to any formal arena, yet they are the soul and heart of sub-cultural fashion themes. Many sober combinations of shades along with catchy hair textures have provided gorgeously sensational hair styles in medium, Short and long lengths which can even be your style escorts to formal places like dates, parties and even weddings.  Definitely fun and exciting, they are some of the must-to-try hair trends that can enliven not only your mood but your whole persona.


Some of popular looks of the colored hairstyles 2014 which fashion freaks have been practicing with great fun and thrill include the freaky and highlighted approaches. There is simply no limit of insanity here and the trick of the art is to simmer striking textured effects of colors that freak you out with their eccentricity and defy the decorum of civility in style. It can be done through anything absurd that rushes to mind.

Colored Hairstyles


Simply to die for, the multi shaded dye effects have been some great looks seen in the latest colored hairstyles 2014 whereby women have divided out their long hair lengths and given various colors a space to show their charm. Offering block colored impressions of perky hues, it is a delight to see how color plays its magic in chiseling out a groovy and rebellious fashion style.


These are some of the top choices of colored hairstyles 2014  practiced by the sub-cultural  fashion followers like Gothic and emo. Colors are used to simmer up animal inspired fur designs out of which the most commonly chosen looks are that of the zebra, leopard and raccoons.  Along with the ferocity of sharp and defined makeup these styles are  paired up with the latest cutting techniques, the razor and spikes to render a a vicious impact which they simply love.

For the fashion freaks, these groups of colored hairstyles 2014 have been more than welcomed because they have given them a free medium to be rebelliously expressive in terms of style and hues.   The trending color techniques can be applied to the full hair length or be used for adding effects either on the fringes and bangs, tips or lower and medium lengths that allow you the liberty of simmering up your own personal signature trends that can be rousing and be the attention drawing factors in your persona.



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