Retro Hairstyles for Women


Despite the treading years, the appeal of the past fashion trends keeps on circling back in vogue to offer a modern version of nostalgic grace to pump up your looks. In hairstyling, the retro hairstyles of the late 60’’s are some of the hottest formal  hairstyles  fashion trends for women which offer hair of all length a classically playful look that befits their glamorous attires and getups. Perfect for the prom, red carpet, homecomings and weddings; there is a myriad of fresh retro hairstyles in the bouncy, rolled, puffed and vintage styles to flatter up that feminine look.

Below are some of the top retro hairstyles for women which are the hottest trends in this forte for this season and can really complement their daily and occasional formal needs.

Retro Hairstyle 2014

Soft wavy retro hairstyles for women- The surfy look of waves has become one of the hottest fashion looks in hairstyling and the great adaptability of this look makes it an evergreen look in the new hairstyles which simply does not go unnoticed. The side pinned wet/ sprayed wavy retro hairstyles adorned with a large vibrant flower is simply one way to be in the limelight in gatherings.  Being one of the hottest celebrity formal hairstyles, there are numerous ways to carry this classic vintage look in high, low and medium heights. For women with short hair length, this nostalgic look is even more fiercely stunning than long length retro hairstyles. The classic bob in the retro hairstyles look is subtle, sweet, romantic and attention grabbing. And you can twist around with every strand to be more unique.

New Retro Hairstyle

Scarf-cinched loose updo-  This is the most chic and flirty retro hairstyle that tends  to enliven your simple look and adds a tinge of color and modern formal hairstyles looks to your appeal. Tying up your locks in a loose sleek, wavy or curly high bun encircled with a printed fashion scarf will make you gorgeously cute and be a good  formal hairstyle in summer to beat the heat.

Teased crown with side ponytail-This is one of the classic vintage looks in the retro hairstyles – you can simply get this look by teasing the crown hair for a disheveled look, leaving either bangs or fringes and yes, make a side ponytail to complete that retro look. However, do not tease the crown or over spray it. The look goes with fluffy appeal so that it blends well with everyday look.

Latest Retro Hairstyle

Geometric cut –Be the dream girl of 60’s by getting a sleek and sexy geometric bob. However, you would have to pay special attention to it throughout, as it requires many touch-ups. Get it trimmed time to time and keep on adding color to it for a gorgeous look. In order to add some modern appeal, carry light yet gorgeous makeup and pair with an elegant feminine attire.

 Bound twice high ponytail- This would be the hottest retro hairstyles of 2014 as seen carried on the fashion shows with cwet or sprayed tight high ponytails which tends to complement a organic style of makeup-  which is in vogue during 2014.   


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