Positive Body Language Gestures


Actions speak louder than words and this rule greatly applies when it comes to judging your personality. Before you even utter a word, great amount of judgment can be ruled out about you according to your body language gestures.

In this pretext there are many things that come into consideration such as expressions, stance and behavior and it is important to realize that every one of these factors tend to have a great deal of impact on your personality. Some of the positive body language gestures you must adopt for a good social image include the following modes of personality habits that can be some of the best self-improvement measures to hone out a positive and strong personality.

Body Language


Friendly facial expression

The first thing that is greatly noticed upon the instant glance on your face is your expression. It’s one of the paramount factors that determines whether people would like to socialize with you or not. Having a friendly, cool and normal facial expression is one of the most inviting body language gestures which welcomes those around you. Having a harsh and serious look will certainly make others think twice whether or not to approach you.

Million dollar smile

You can make yourself valuable in terms of socializing with this positive body language act of smiling. This obviously does not mean to unnecessarily carry a full smile at all hours. In fact a short and pleasant smile when you interact with some visually tends to greatly form a good environment which promotes well being and a good impression about you.


Another essential positive body language gesture is definitely your body posture as it exhibits the grace your body carries. It is essential to carry an erect, relaxed and composed stance. With respect to personality development, factors like a hunched back, parted legs and involuntary actions like frequent blinking and too much use of the hands tend to make you seem like a laughing stock. This positive body of stance is benefiting when judging a personality in terms of their physical grace and grooming.


This is a very polite and disciplined positive body language gesture which should be practiced every time you meet someone. It works in promoting your personality at official places. Always retain a firm yet soft handshake and pair it up with a quick short smile.


Your tone can give out numerous meanings to a single sentence and shows what type of mood you’re in. Some may perceive it offensive while others may misunderstand or ignore what you say. Your voice tone and its frequency are a dominant trait of your personality and determine your level of grooming. An ideal body language gesture demands a medium , soft and controlled manner of talk be; it any type of emotion your are expressing. Giving away the secret of a harsh and indiscipline person through your voice tone and its frequency has less impact on others but comes as a great blow to others opinion of you.


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