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Summers is not only about enjoyment and fun at the beach or on the streets outside but in fact it’s all the more about being on the highest summer  skin care  alert against the harmful effects of the scorching sunlight. Skin tanning is one of the beauty woes that can be very disturbing due to the discoloring and darkening of the complexion which undermines the whole bloom and novelty of the personality-though some voluntarily go for a beauty tan  by lying for hours in direct sunlight.

Since exposure to the sunlight is inevitable due to outdoor activities and routines, certain skin tanning protective measures can be very effectual in lessening the chances of getting overwhelmed by the shadowy look of  discolored skin. Here are some of the practical ways to stay safe and beautiful during the sweltering season.

Skin Tanning

 Sun Tolerance through Diet

The base of every physical charm is a healthy diet which is not only imperative for a good health but also very vital for protection and internal immunity. Skin tanning can also be dealt with potently with fruit and foods rich in vitamin C  which happens to be one of the best natural minerals for skin care. Edibles like strawberry, kiwi, papaya, soy food, nuts, curd,  green vegetables and citric fruits etc are very useful in the enhancement and protection of the skin against skin tanning.

 Exfoliate For Skin Tanning

This is one of the best skin care measures that can be the ultimate solution to almost every type of skin problem as it effectively retains the external hygiene of the skin through scraping off of the top dead and dull layer of skin.  Giving way to a new and fresh layer of skin, it comes in handy to fight away the dark skin color caused by sunlight.

Herbal Face Masks

Homemade natural face masks are some of the best ways to combat the menace of skin tanning. Products like cucumber, milk, rose water, honey, Aloe Vera etc are some of the acknowledged ingredients that have amazing skin care results and help the facial skin to stay radiantly flawless.

Face Mask for Skin Tanning

Darker Shades are Better Protectors

Semi nude and sheer fabrics allow sunlight to pass through and affect the skin but you can always act smart and pin down a good summer wardrobe collection with dark shaded attires that serve as the colorful way to halt the penetration of sun light and radiation effect through fabric.

Regular Sun Screening

Sun screen lotions with SPF are formulated to provide shield against sunlight absorption and abate the impact of UV rays. It is recommended to select sun screen lotions that suit your skin type and are water proof so that they do not melt or smudge away.

Skin Tanning Lotion

Accessorized Skin Tanning Protection

One of the fun filled ways to have protection against skin tanning the stylish way is to gear up with smart fashion trinkets like   cool summer hats and classy large framed sun glasses.  Not only does this charm up your look but also contributes in protecting your facial skin from direct impact of UV light rays.

Limit & Plan outdoor Routine

It may sound impracticable and inconvenient but yes planning limited outdoor tours between 10 am to around mid noon is very beneficial because it is during this phase of time that the harmful UV rays penetrate deeper  into the earth and cause maximum skin tanning impacts. Evading these timings can minimize skin tanning risks.

Keep Hydrated

Retaining skin moisture through ample intake of fluids and liquids; especially water is one of the paramount requirements of skin care protection no matter what the issue.  Skin tanning can too be dealt with through a hydrated skin texture which ensures proper functioning of the skin.


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