How to Slow Down Aging


Aging is one of the most dreaded beauty woes which is inevitable; yet for those who love themselves, a little bit of effort should be no problem at all to seek escape from  the horrid look of old age for a few more years. Wrinkles, loose skin and a worn out facial look are not only the outcomes of mounting years but also a great deal about certain factors which deteriorate physical wellbeing and lead to all these menaces. So, here are some of the practical measures you can ensure to slow down the process of aging.


Antioxidants are some of the must-to-add to your diets because they potently combat the free radicals that damage skin structure and make it loose its elasticity. They also assist in maintaining cholesterol level and lessen body stress, which again are some of the factors responsible for aging. Green tea is one of the best and richest sources of antioxidants which you can always take up as an alternate to tea and coffee. Spinach, broccoli, oranges, grapes etc are some other rich sources of antioxidants.

Green Tea for Aging


Sounds something ridiculous because aging is taken very seriously but you can slow down its pace by remaining stress free. Though everyday life is engulfed in stresses that arise from situations and relationships, yet resorting to measures like yoga exercises, work out activities, relaxing and in particular laughing, can help minimize the influence of cortisol, the stress hormone in the body. Laughter leads to the production of endorphins which are health enhancing hormones and promote better blood circulation of the blood by controlling fluctuations in mood; which directly  give way to good health.

Laughing Slows Aging


Surprised?  No need to be as it’s not alcohol I’m talking about, here  it  applies to the healthy way to protect yourself against aging through drinking red wine. Rich in antioxidants and an amazing age-reversing ingredient ‘resverat’, red wine tends to be a great liquor that helps regulate better blood circulation, prevents vascular damage and also fights radicals that lead to the sagging of the skin texture.

Red Wine for Aging


The advantages of water cannot be denied because it is essential for survival. Drinking less water encumbers internal functioning and can cause death of cells from dehydration which automatically affects the physical wellbeing. Water is one of the natural and best ways to remove toxins from the body which tend to facilitate the aging process all the more.

Water to Fight Aging


Sugar is loved and consumed throughout the day, yet medically it has been proven that sugar actually tends to contribute in aging as it facilitates in degeneration of cells and affects the production of collagen and elastin- the two compounds which are the solely responsible for tight skin texture. So limit your use of sugar and look younger.

Aging With Sugar


Our body requires fresh oxygen to function well but Smoking is one of the boosters of aging because the smoke of cigarettes is  toxic and tends to affect the and contaminate pure blood and hampers effective blood circulation; longer durations of which can also damage the cells due to deprivation of oxygen. This off course affects the skin development and deteriorate its texture and accomplices the process of aging.

Aging factors -Cigerettes



Nature is indeed the ultimate savior and solution to all problems out of which you can avail the amazing benefit of fruits to slow down the process of aging and enjoy a longer tenure of youthful looking skin. Many fruits like papaya, is one of wonder fruits which if used as a face mask provides indefinite skin benefits out of which combating signs of aging is one. Mango is another fruit to try out as a topical facial as it has a rich source of vitamin A which is very effective in cell regeneration and promotes firmer and more elastic skin texture.

Anti- Aging Fruit


Stress is one of the causes of aging and you can very effortlessly lessen its effect by taking proper rest.  Sleeping not only relieves a body out if its stress but also provides the time for repairing of cell damage and building of new body cells which give way to firmer skin.


These handful ways are some of the very effective ways to slow the process of aging and are also great tips for your skin care regimen leading to natural fitness and beauty.


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