How to Slow Down Growth of Facial Hair – Popular Ways


How to slow down growth of facial hair? This without a doubt is a query that runs several times through the mind of a woman on daily basis because the very thought of a clear and smooth facial look for longer durations excites an awesome feeling of beauty.

There are many ways of how to slow down growth of facial hair which can help set you free from the shackles of repeated unwanted hair growth on the face out of which some methods are permanent while others are temporary. Depending upon the area to treat for removing unwanted facial hair, here are some methods that can end your epic beauty struggle with discarded hair on the face.

Clear Face - No Facial Hair

ELECTROLYSIS – when vacillating on the methods to slow down growth of facial hair and also get rid of them permanently, electrolysis is one of the best options. However; it’s one of the heftiest  procedures which makes use of metal electrodes that provide electric shocks to hair follicles  in a bid to slow down the  rate of growth of the sensitive facial hair; eventually targeting to make the follicles dormant. However; this method of Slowing Down growth of facial hair and treating them permanently may take up to a 2-3 years. Nevertheless, instead of fighting a lifetime to how to Slow Down growth of facial hair, it certainly pays off to be patient for a few years and never have to bother about it again.

 LASER –For women with a light skin complexion, one of the best ways of how to slow down growth of facial hair is with the laser hair removal treatment.  Several sessions may be required before you start to see desired effects. However; this is not a good option for men and women with blonde or white hair as it is not effective on them. Unlike electrolysis, laser treatment is not a permanent way to put a wedge into the growth of hair on the face. when opting for laser hair removal methods it is strictly advised to first consult a specialist and have an expert recommendation to the one you should get done because many can get undesired effects like scaring, bruising etc with one that does not suit their complexion,  hair etc.

tweezer for facial hair

TWEEZING – One of the centuries old method to pluck out facial hair is by tweezing out hair from  their roots from areas like the eyebrows, upper lip chin etc.   When working on how to stop growth of facial hair, this method tends to be ideal for the areas that have a thin layer of skin on the face as the incessant plucking out of the roots will damage the efficacy of the follicles to produce stronger hair. Eventually you end up putting a wedge into the re-growth of hair.

FACIAL WAXING– Though similar in concept to tweezing, facial wax is a popular beauty treatment when it comes to ways of how to remove or how to stop growth of facial hair. It targets a larger area than a individual hair strand as in tweezing. Repeated sessions of face waxing tend to cut down on the diameter of hair shafts which in every new re-growth thin down – eventually halting hair growth permanently over a course of time.

However; some drawbacks of this method is that there are hundreds of hair on the face and plucking out each individually seems somewhat impractical and definitely time consuming. So it’s better to use this method for areas like eyebrows and upper lip chin.  Also repeated plucking can lead to scarring so personally I would recommend the use of this method if you have pop ups of a few unwanted hair.

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