Streaked Hairstyles 2014 – The Best Textured Looks


Streaked hairstyles are some of the best ways to give yourself a cool look with color impressions that mark a trendy image of your style in numerous ways. The  hair color trends through the use of color enrichment and hair dyes have really played up the looks of millions of men and women; who through the use of streaked hairstyles 2014 have effortlessly given some very fluently glamorous looks to the way they appear. Suitable for all ages and complementing in all types of hairstyles.

They are some of the must-to-try styles in streaking which have an extensive platform of color tampering in as many ways as you want.  Streaked hairstyles 2014 are the best ways to treat yourself with some of the freshest and liveliest color techniques of the latest hair fashion.

 Streaked Hairstyle

The monotonous look of the hair become boring with the passage of time and since change is the spice of life; therefore, it is good to bring about  some sort of tinge to the way you look with certain trends of fashion and beauty to make your image matter and be inspiring. One of the best ways to play up the look of your modern hairstyles is to try some of the hottest streaked hairstyles 2014 which have given men and women some great ways to give fabulous textured look to their  hair with some very  catchy combinations of contrasting color trends in shades. Earlier confined to some selected shades which were a common sight out in the market; the experimentation and tampering of shades in streaking  has become indefinite with men and women simmering some free style looks to blend in well with their taste of fashion and outfits.

Short Streaked Hairstyle

The punch line of the streaked hairstyles is to opt for some of the hottest combinations of colors which can cater to not only your causal looks but also assist in serving as a flattering part of your personality when formality is  the call of the hour. Some of the hottest color combinations in streaking to try include the black and deep rose red, black and purple- which are some of the smartest Gothic hairstyle combinations which give a fierce and refined look to all hair lengths.

Streaked Hairstyle 2014

The contrasting shades of dark and light tones of blonde in streaking  run as some of the very appealing trends in modern hairstyles today and the different shades of blonde tend to offer new and different looks with each change in color. They are in fact the best modern hairstyles for a fresh and lively impression in straight, wavy and curly streaked hairstyles 2014  during summer. If you are seeking for the ultimate tool of attraction in your personality then go for medium and short modern  hairstyles with edgy and fierce cutting styles such as that offered by the razor, choppy  and spiky cuts because the ferocity of the spiky finishing tend to be a factor that pair up well with the textured looks and makes them even more admirable. A really cool way for youngsters to be catchy and conspicuous  at the proms and on dates- they certainly deserve the try.


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