Street Style Fashion 2014


Street style fashion is all about reflecting your individuality through your fashion talent because the trends of dressing in street style are bound by no parameters of rules and limitations. It’s a free hand of selection and combination of clothing items to dish out and carry your own distinct look; which can be your own signature trend for you and definitely be a good source of appeal for others.

The street style fashion trends  is not intimidated by what runs in vogue or not; it in fact offers you the opportunity to be influential yourself by tentatively tampering with your own talent and innovativeness which in the end can be influential and inspiring for others. It definitely has made its mark in the latest dressing trends and has millions who want and know how to make their style statement known in a casually free style.

Street Style Fashion

Street style fashion has certain inspiration drawn from the fashion shows only to have a glimpse of what the market has in store; otherwise, what to select and how to combine clothing items are totally your own discretion. It can be a fun filled experience to try out the street  fashion trends because no matter what the crazy things you avail – basically whatever you do and wear in street style; is fashion. One of the main features of this type of dressing is the colorful outlook; which is one of the most dominant trends in the overall fashion stream.

To attain this gaiety in clothing the street styles have made extensive use of the bold striped pants and trousers which have been worn with casual sweat shirts having impressions and images as well as a vibrantly colored collar coat and sassy fashion shoe styles. The new trends of skinny jeans with casual t-shirts and high heel boots in fashion is another mega trait of street style which you might see out in public and also by celebrities who have opted for the street look on their informal trips outdoors.

Street Style

Street style fashion has a great use of accessories such as large handbags for women, dark shades and caps; usually worn backwards to flaunt an effortlessly casual yet trendy look. The printed short dresses with defined waist adornments, jumpsuits, and mini dresses with skin tight leggie are some other very popularly worn outfits which tend to flaunt a hot feminine look and are in fact symbolic of a modern and liberal approach towards dressing up.

The street fashion style is in fact a youth revolution in dressing which tends to have such a vast platform of experimentation; that one is baffled at what to try and therefore, street style fashion cannot be summed up in defined trends. It’s all about being causal, colorful, wild, and individualistic and tension free and letting others know how much your own talent runs in your style.


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