Tempting Reasons to Add Fenugreek to Your Diet


Fenugreek is an Asian spice which has a strong aroma and has been used in dietary and topical usages for an indefinite number of health and beauty solutions. Being affluent in ingredients like fibers, Vitamin C, proteins, natural steroids like saponins, iron etc it comes in handy for treating skin, hair, beauty and health problems.

Resorting to the use of fenugreek as a  natural wonder products provides multiple benefits the economic way out of which  the below mentioned  handful of some of the amazing benefits of fenugreek should inspire you to add this aromatic spice to you daily diet.



For those in pursuit of channels to trim down some pounds, fenugreek is one of the Asian spices to add to your diet. It is great for suppressing your appetite without causing internal weakness. Simply munch on soaked methi seeds every morning before breakfast and be ready to see results the healthy way.

INCREASES BREAST MILK PRODUCTION- For nursing mothers fenugreek is a great organic product that helps in increased production of breast milk. It contains the ingredient diosegen which tend to boost the production in the mammary glands and is a good dietary addition for women who have little lactation after child birth.

REPRODUCTIVE BENEFITS FOR WOMEN- Fenugreek is definitely one of the must-haves for women because it has certain nutrients which  tend to offer many reproductive  benefits like facilitating contractions during delivery , reducing labor pain, abating the discomfort during menstruation and also tends to add a great amount of iron to the body and helps  women stay protected from iron deficiency.   It is also effective in balancing out female hormones in the body and is known to be a good edible that can help increase the size of breasts.

RIDS AWAY SCARS- Don’t let your natural grace of the body be stamped with the irritating look of scars. Fenugreek seed paste is one of the effective natural remedies to remove scars from the skin. Not only that’s you can also treat skin inflammations and boils with this natural ingredient.

 LOWERS RISKS OF HEART ATTACK- Being rich in potassium- a compound that counters the effect of sodium which excites and increases heart rate, fenugreek is an excellent way to lower the chances of cardiac arrest by subduing the blood pressure and is a good natural edible for people with blood pressure problem.

CONTROLS DIABETES- Diabetes is one of the common health issues nowadays which is pretty much tricky to control but with fenugreek you can  combat this menace. Having galactomannan, a soluble fiber that slows the rate of sugar absorption into the blood it also keeps   a check and balance inducing the production of insulin with its amino acidic property which tend to curb the issues of rising blood sugar.

TREATS GASTROINTESTINAL ISSUES- Fenugreek contains Mucilage a compound when consumed tends to form a protection lining in the stomach which soothes irritated and damaged digestive tissues and aids digestion by soothing out goaded regions to facilitates better absorption and digestion.

 GOOD FOR SOAR THROATS- With changing seasons  sore throats and cough tend to be the common problems with almost every second person. Using fenugreek along with some honey and lemon tends to be an effective remedy for soothing throat pain and relieving cough.

FLUSHES OUT BODY TOXINS- Toxins and free radicals in the body are some of the major factors that lead to anti-aging and health issues like cancer. But you can put a check on them with the intake of fenugreek which has fibers like Saponins, mucilage etc that bond with these toxins and ensure their flushing out of the body.

SKIN CARE BENEFITS OF FENUGREEK- Skin benefits of fenugreek are some of the most tempting reasons to add it the diet.  It very effectively controls the emanation of acne, blackheads, wrinkles and pimples. You can either use as a face mask or wash your face with a boiled solution of fenugreek. Either way it gives spectacular facial results.


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