Top 5 Spring Pastel Makeup Trends 2014


Enliven your beauty  with the top new spring time pastel makeup trends  rendering blossoming effects of novelty to your looks.

A dip in the water is not the only way to cool off in the sweltering summer; in fact you can have that breezy effect through beauty looks as well with revitalizing pastel makeup shades that offer eye-pleasing effects . With summer, it’s all time to go gorgeous with trends and styles that help you air out your looks with a novelty that simply brightens up your getup. Seriously how many things in fashion and style offer energizing edges to your persona? Well the latest trend of spring pastel makeup trends 2014 is something that does just that for you. So, here are our top 5 picks that seem simply sensational.

Top Summer Pastel Makeup Trends

Minty Green/ Pistachio – One of the seasonal flavors in colors that is replete with spanking new novelty and coolness is the minty green or pistachio hue that offers an exotic icy appeal to your manicured hands,   hairstyle and face. There’s a lot to choose from like the creamy minty shades to the glossier and glitter textured pastel makeup in nail polishes.  Bringing about creativity with nail art designs will butter up the fascination even more. Adorning with minty fashion trinkets is also a hot new trend that will enliven and take your looks to new heights of appeal.

Mint Pastel Makeup

White liner – To relish the grace of this white beauty look, go for a tanned complexion with a darker tone of makeup base and let this white liner spread it’s luminous charm on your eyes. It’s a cool paste makeup shade for summer that offers refreshing touches to the eyes. Dab on a bit of powder before applying this classy white pastel makeup liner so that it gives away a glamorously crispy effect to the lining. You can keep it simple or add on some sparkling rhinestones for a classier impact of trend.

Pastel Makeup

Matte Baby Pink Lipstick – For the hot chicks out there that love to be naturally appealing, the trend of the light tea and baby pink matte lipsticks are the ultimate choices to pin down.  Giving your facial look a tinge of hearty glow it also tends to provide longer durations of beauty looks and will not smudge off with the scorching high temperatures and sweat. Define your lips with a slightly darker hue and look gorgeous all day long.

ink Pastel Makeup 2014

Lavender – This bright pastel makeup shade is loveable on account of its candy look that simply tempts the beauty buds to try out. A cool shade for the summer look of the feet, it tends to be an ideal shade to use with the print fashion along with maxi dresses and other short fashion outfits.

Lavender Pastel Makeup

Luminous Gold -For loud and sober pastel makeup looks, head for the golden touch which is a trendy   beauty statement that speaks for itself. Luminizers and liquid eye metallic golden shades will be in the spot light of night events where you would love to be noticed for something that offers perpetual impressions of glamour.

These are some of our top seasonal pick outs that are the new additions to the spring makeup trends 2014 and a gorgeous way to be enlivening beautiful.


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