Top Spring Nail trends 2014


Shun aside the dramatically creative nail trends of this year and get hold of what is all the rage in the new spring nail art trends 2014. For women there is a new wave of nail art styles which are very much simple yet appealing as compared to the current creative nail art trends. Coming straight out hot from the fashion floors, ramps and shows; a handful of the top spring nail trends 2014 have been listed for you to make your style statement with what really is in vogue. So; for the New Year, leave aside the dramatic nail art adornment and experience a new and simpler way to be trendy with many new nail styles that have limited creativity and incline more towards a natural look.  This natural inclination offers a great way to add a fresh appeal to your hands. So get your manicure treatments done to make the most out of the new trend in nails.

  • Tipped lining is  one of the very unique type of women’s fashion trends 2014  which  requires you to use a single shade in a diagonal manner on the tip of the nail with the rest of the nail being nude or transparent. A very well groomed idea that made the fashion runaways click its touch in the overall appearance.  Also a trend similar to this is of the white moon crescent at the base of the nail. These trends are perfect for teenagers to stay trendy even at school.
  • Patterned designs are some of the coolest Nail trends 2014 in women’s fashion for spring in the coming new year with vibrant shades having striped, checked, dotted etc prints of contrasting shades to make the look catchy and inspiring. It is to be practiced without over doing it and a single line on each nail will suffice the criteria. It certainly is a very glaring trend to the current hot practice of nail art adornment and falls within a better ambit of appeal. Contrasts such as of neon and black is one of the smartest looks to carry.
  • Metallic add ons are a new addition to the new women’s fashion trends 2014  which are metallic strap bands that are clipped on to the bare nail in the center. This nail adornment trend is best for long nails. So for girls really in pursuit of making things matter; they better get their manicure treatments done.
  • Shade mixing is another hot Nail trends 2014 which allows you to play around with the fusion of colors to simmer up new and appealing shades which tend to pair up well with the type of outfit you’re wearing. This is a limitless trend that will be seeing so many eccentric and graceful colors this coming spring.
  • Metallic shades is one of the very cool look for this summer season as apart from the traditional gold and silver metallic shades you can avail almost any color in the lustrous  metallic shades
  • Ombre nails are again back in trend and they pair up well with the new fashion inclination towards a more natural and innocent look. The use of semi nude shades in nail polishes make the appeal very catchy and add a dose of freshness to your hands.
  • Glitter glue nails are some of the sparkling and attention grabbing trends 2014 in women’s fashion that have been quite a sight on the fashion ramps; however, their use is limited with patches squirted in the center with glimpses of bare nails all around.Its a  classy mod look in the nail art trend.





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