Treat Yourself with a Chocolate Body Massage


In contrast to the believed fact that chocolate leads to an outburst of acne, pimples and adds weight; the latest trends in body message may surprise you with the list of core ingredients used to give you an exclusive treatment to harmonize, nurture, hydrate and improve the skin and body functioning. A chocolate body massage is one such sweet temptation of body therapy that re-mineralizes, hydrates, enhances the skin texture and freshens up the senses.

The irresistible taste of chocolate definitely triggers the taste buds to munch it all up and up till now many of us think that chocolate simply leads to an outburst of facial menaces and spoils the teeth. Well, shun aside this one-sided theory and join in on the wonder benefits which chocolate can actually provide you with from the health and beauty perspective.

What is a Chocolate Body Massage?

chocolate body massage therapy

Chocolate Body Massage Therapy

This is a luxury rub down that makes use of a combination of dead sea salts, essential oils along with a hundred percent pure cocoa butter concoction topically massaged onto the body for corporeal benefits.

The high concentration of caffeine basically triggers better circulation of blood which directly promotes to naturally rejuvenate and enhance the skin functioning and outlook. The rich quantity of minerals works in helping combat many skin and beauty woes and at the same time offers a soothing state of physical calmness. A chocolate body massage can be done on the face, back or even the whole body.

Beauty Benefits of a Chocolate Body Massage

The very name of this treatment tends to make highly curious and eager to know what we can actually avail by splashing on and massaging a high dose of chocolate topically on the whole body.

beauty benefits of chocolate body massage

Beauty Benefits of Chocolate Massage


Nowadays pre-mature aging, lining and sagging skin is concern of even the young. A chocolate body massage is a great way to revive and give your face an uplift. Having a rich consistency of antioxidants, the therapy tends to trigger boost the level of collagen build up and facilitate the skin to become firmer. The antioxidants also combat the influence of free radicals that are responsible for wrinkling and help retain the skin elasticity.

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Moisturizing is an essential part of skin care to keep alive the natural health and suppleness of the skin and body and a chocolate body massage is the power house of gaining a deep moisturizing effect. It has a good concentration of essential body oils like olive ,safflower oils and glycerides etc which deeply nourish the skin inside out and leave it soft and supple.


Skin dryness can surely be a state of uneasiness and those perturbed by seasonal dryness can avail great relief with a chocolate body massage therapy. It is also good for softening and lightening the hard and dark skin on knees, elbows and ankles. It can also be a great relief from the issue of itchiness.

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With the very word ‘massage’, the idea of relaxing rushes to mind and it surely is one of the most wanted results we get from chocolate body massage treatment. The thorough and intensive rub down on body muscles at the back and around the neck, body heat and circulation is boosted, minor aches are healed and total state of physical tranquility is achieved.


It’s everyone’s desire to look youthful for a bit longer and a chocolate body massage can actually help you live this dream. The rubbing mixture has a large amount of potassium, calcium and other vital minerals which the body requires for cell growth and cell renewal. The outcome is a glowing skin texture simply loveable in every way.


A chocolate body massage is one of the ideal ways to eradicate harmful radicals that are caused in the body due to sun exposure. It also acts as a external defensive against wind, pollution and other harmful substance. So, for those with longer outdoor routines, this is sure dark solution to overcome effects of the sun.

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Women often have stretch marks on the body after pregnancy while many have them due to exercising routines. No matter what the reason, a chocolate body massage is a great treatment to fade them away gradually.


According to top neurologists, the scent and treatment of a chocolate body massage, based on research proven facts, affect the brain positively and trigger happier emotions, which is constructive for mental and physical health functioning.

Apart from just relishing the lovable taste of chocolate you can now treat your body with a chocolate body massage and attain innumerable beautifying effects that simply revive vigor and robustness in you the sweet way.



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