Wavy Short Hairstyles 2014


Short hairstyles are the dominating modern hairstyles nowadays which despite the shortness of length , provided an ocean of fresh and perky styles to women for a spicy change from the monotonous simple look. The Wavy short hairstyles 2014 are some of the styles which women of all ages are so confidently carrying about with some being absolute stunners on account of  the rich and classy presentation.

When we talk of inspiring ideas then the Wavy short hairstyles 2014 are before us to evince how with diversity of short length and the same effect of waves, you can simmer out an innovative way to flaunt the best of what the wavy effect have to offer. Here are some of the hottest trends in the Wavy short hairstyles 2014 that have been the factor of confidence of hundreds of women.

Wavy Haircut

Short blunt waves in the blunt bob cutting or ear level length are some of the simple yet appealing wavy short hairstyles 2014 which have deep wave effects  throughout the straight lining. Giving a simple center or side partition suffices the need to being classy. Ideal for the summer style, using fresh light hues like the blonde color, simmers up a very fresh and blossoming effect to go with the lively summer getup.

Funky Wavy Short Hairstyles 2014 are the delights of modern day styling with the ocean of classy styles ranging from the sleek styles to the normal textured haircuts. Giving perky and edgy sharp touches with the angular and asymmetrical cuts, the appeal of waves in these Wavy short hairstyles 2014 is really a modish touch to set your short length hair. Giving them a disheveled look imparts a very classy touch of funky looks which is running quite popular when it comes to the top looks you might want to try out this season.

Bangs and fringes are some of the eternal trends in the hairstyles for men and women and the wavy short hairstyles 2014 tend to be no exception. The numerous styles like the curly, sleek, full , straight and wavy manners are some of the tools at hand that can give the same wavy short hairstyles an indefinite ways to simmer fresh looks on daily basis. They can be fused into any one of the wavy short hairstyles 2014 with complete confidence.

Wavy Short Hairstyles 2014

 Choppy waves are some of the new looks in the wavy short hairstyles 2014. To flaunt the choppy look, slight waves are formed so that it can flaunt the stacked layered effect of the choppy cutting mixed with the tinge of short wavy hair strands. Using fresh light shades like blonde give this style a fabulous look. It is great for girls with fine or thin hair and a great stunner for women with thick hair as well.

 Retro Wavy short hairstyles 2014 are some of the romantic styles in short length which offer a diverse look with their flirty and vintage appeal.  For the retro touch, making use of dark hair shades and gel or sprays. Heat waves are some of the deep effects of the waves which offer a dramatic bulge  to the hair and give it a stealthy and chic look which in the rich sleek texture offer a classic vintage appeal. The deeper the wave effect the classier the look. Such short styles are ideal for proms and parties.

Wavy pixie is one great way to style your modern cropped pixie cut.  Go for the sleek texture and  let the rich look offer amazing wavy touches and carry side swept bangs for a more sophisticated touch. These styles are ideal for official places as well.




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