Latest Wedding Trends for Groom


Pakistani culture is renowned for its rich and detailed wedding attires, which had earlier been a distinctive feature of the women’s bridal  fashion. However;  in the wake of the modern trends, men’s fashion too has change its course of presentation with fashion designers making dire efforts to fuse in adornment in to the latest trends for grooms, so that it pairs up well with the bridal look. Detailed fancy work in some of the most exquisite designs, complete color pallet  and modern styles are all the rage in the contemporary Pakistani wedding trends for grooms.

Ban sherwani styles in the open button designs are some of the most common collections of the latest wedding trends for grooms which have rich fabric and patterned works of metallic prints being the hottest looks. They offer a fecund luxury look that symbolizes the nostalgic royal looks. Paired up with the churi dar pajama in contrasting shades or of a matching color make it carry a traditional eastern look just perfect for the Asian groom.

Wedding Trends for Groom

Earlier wedding trends for grooms in the sherwani styles resorted to the embroidery works but now there is a lot to look forward to. Another one of the modern Wedding trends for groom in the sherwani style is to simply wear the sherwani unbuttoned over a western attire of pant and dress with a smart shirt or sweater worn in the inner side.Works of embroidery and sequins is another fancy Wedding trends for grooms wear which have numerous works that may be found on one shoulder side, around the neckline or simply run through full length in the mid-strap in contrasting shades.

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Fancy buttons also have been used in the new Wedding trends for groom attires which in the metallic silver and gold shades shine out as unique touches in zig zag, straight and slanting positions. Short kamez with churi dar is another one of the trending hot Wedding trends for groom which has knee length fancy works on long shirts and kameez styles of sequins, tilla and stone work. Patiala shalwar can certainly not go unmissed as it has offered a good trend to pair up with short fancy kamez and sherwani’s.

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Accessorizing is another ineveitable part and parcel of the Pakistani Wedding trends for groom which have the slim dupatta as an essential item of adornment that’s is et in some classy ways on the shoulder, around the wiast  or neck. The trend of fancy turbans has also been one of the eye catching Wedding trends for groom seen on the fashion shows which tend to offer a dramatic touch of grace to the overall accessorized look of the groom. Last but not the least; the fad of khusa shoe styles are all the rage in the new Wedding trends for groom which tend s to greatly complement the  typical eastern look. A catchy medium hairstyle in the wavy and curly gelled styles are some fo the top looks of styling trends for grooms that complement their overall look on the special day.






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