Wedding Nail Art Trends


The trend of nail art has offered a fantastic medium of style expression to women with an immense platform of creativity that simply dolls up the look of the feminine hands. Bound to no single way of design, it is also one of the popular wedding trends in vogue for not only the guests and the bridesmaids but also the bride. So if you’re up for a wedding event, then you might want to have the Wedding nail art trends as a guide towards carrying some of the best ways of adornment with elegance.

Wedding nail art is a gorgeous addition to the wedding styles and it definitely has a varying inclination in choice of colors and designs from that commonly used for Christmas and other party looks. Wedding nail art trends in fact have many soft pastel and candy shades as some of the top trends to retain the serene touch of pleasantness of the ceremonial look along with catchy items that make it compatible with the wedding getup.

New Wedding Nail Art

However, for young  guests and brides who like to be bold and unique with the modern appeal, there is no hard and fast rule to stay bound to these shades and in fact you can mix up even dark shades with glittered textures to make it vampy. There are many shapes of long artificial nails which can be used to give better appeal to the hands with the extended volume for practicing the decoration of the nails.

Wedding Nail art 2014

Some of the trending wedding nail art trends include the polished tips styles which make use of colored strips used at the tip of the nails along  the long nail length and adorned with off white or white colored floral items. The use of metallic crystals is also a hot wedding nail art trend which very meticulously is aligned in patterned ways and at times tend to be styled till the finger knuckles for a unique and more dramatic appeal. Many wedding nail art styles also have these metallic crystal designs at the base of the nail rather than the tip, which offer a more sophisticated impression of this beauty trend.

Wedding nail art trends also have extensive use of metallic glitter glue to give patterned touches. It enhances the grace of the hands in a very appealing manner with the soft pastel shades, stickers and artificial nails s serving as icing sugar. Making the list of wedding nail art trends all the more exciting is the latest addition of inspired finger rings in the form of small butterflies and other fancy themes are worn near the nails for a greater appeal of the hands. Definitely inspiring and a must to try, these wedding nail art trends despite their simple look have that classic touch of richness and grandeur that highly complement the wedding decorum.



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